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Native and Colonial North America Links

This page contains a list of links to useful resources for studying Native and Colonial North America. It is by no means exhaustive and is updated and enlarged continuously as we discover useful new sites. If you would like to call a site to our attention or report a broken link, please feel free to email us.

United States

The Davistown Museum. A small museum located in Maine which offers information on local, regional, Maine and Native American history.

Colonial American History. Sponsored by the History Department at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, this site contains dozens of links to information on many different aspects of Colonial American history, including Native American studies. 

Colonial & Early Frontier Bookshop A shameless plug for Evolution's own bookshop, with a listing of our books (at 10% off!) and historically-significant reprints from other quality publishers of early American history.

EarlyAmerica.com A web site providing a wealth of digitized primary source material for 18th century America. Also features discussion forums, and the online journal Early America Review. One caveat: beware of annoying pop-up ads...

Execerpt from "The History of New York State, Book I". An extract taken from chapter 3 of The History of New York State , published in 1927. Contained within this extract is an account of Champlain's ill-fated battle with the Iroquois in 1609 -- a battle which led to nearly a century of conflict between the French settlers, their Native allies and the Iroquois.

The Mercer Museum. Housed inside a gigantic concrete castle in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, this collection features an astounding array of folk art, furnishings, and implements from early America before the age of mechanization.

National Park Service's American Revolution Site. A useful web page for planning a trip to historic sites or getting some basic information about the American Revolution.

South Carolina Historical Society. A fine web site with links to primary sources dealing with early South Carolina History.

ushistory.org. An extensive site focusing on early American history in the Philadelphia region, created and hosted by the Independence Hall Association.


The Champlain Society. A Canadian organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of and access to Canada's rich store of historical records.

Early Canadiana Online. An online, digital library providing over a million pages of Canada's printed history, covering from the beginning of European settlement to the early 20th century. Included at this very useful site are nearly 125,000 pages of information on the history of French Canada, nearly 25,000 pages of the Jesuit Relations, and almost 130,000 pages on Native American studies. The majority of these works are available to the public free of charge.

Le Mont Royal - La Montagne Sacrée. (French) A useful web site with information on the Cartier voyages of the 1530s and the Indians of Hochelaga.

The Pioneers of France in the New World. This classic history by renowned 19th century American historian Francis Parkman is available on-line here, courtesy of Project Gutenberg. An excellent read though beware of Parkman's barely concealed anti-Catholicism.

René Menard Bibliography. A page containing a bibliography and hypertext links to dozens of resources dealing with the Jesuits and the French exploration of North America.

Virtual Museum of New France. Presented by Civilization.ca, this site offers an excellent collection of introductory materials on European explorers, settlers, and Native peoples.

Native Interest

Buffalo Trails. A Native American interest site with information on products that teach languages including Lenape/Delaware and Passamaquoddy.

The Dickson Mounds Museum. A national historic site, this onsite archaeological museum boasts an awe-inspiring journey through 12,000 years of history in the Illinois River Valley.

The Eiteljorg Museum. A large and extensive museum of Native American art and culture located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

The Heard Museum. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the mission and philosophy of the Heard today is to educate the public about the heritage and the living cultures and arts of Native peoples, with an emphasis on the peoples of the Southwest.

Index of Native American Museum Resources on the Internet.   A useful site containing links to Native American museums and collections across the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Interactive ALR. Evolution Publishing's searchable database of Native American languages. The Interactive ALR focuses on the languages of eastern and central North America and currently features over 10,000 unique Native American terms.

Iroquois History An extended and well-researched history of the Iroquois Confederacy from European contact to 1900 by Lee Sultzman.

Lenni Lenape. A site of interest to the Philadelphia region containing, among other things, a map of the Schuylkill Valley watershed with Lenape place names.

Massinahigan Series: Brief Accounts of Early Native America. A series of short reprints from Evolution which feature observations, histories, and descriptions of Eastern Woodland tribes recorded primarily before the 19th century.

Membertou: A Mi'kmaq First Nation Community. The web site for a band of Micmacs named after the sagamore mentioned prominently in the Jesuit Relations.

Mount Kearsarge Indian Museum. A small museum located in Warner, New Hampshire dedicated to increasing public awareness of Native American traditions, philosophy, and art.

The Ohio Valley-Great Lakes Ethnohistory Archives: The Miami Collection. An extensive online archive of historical and ethnograhpic material related mainly to the Miami tribe and Eel River Indians. Material relating to the Wyandots and various Iroquois tribes may also be found.

Ohwejangehká: Ha`degaénage. A site devoted to the preservation of Iroquoian languages and songs.

Oneida Indian Nation. The very impressive web site of the Oneida Nation in New York.

Pocono Indian Museum. A well-presented museum located in the lovely Delaware Water Gap region of Pennsylvania which traces this history of the Delaware Indians.

The Role of the Dutch in the Iroquois Wars. A good article by Peter Lowensteyn detailing the part played by the Dutch colonists along the Hudson River in the Iroquois Wars of the 17th century. A bit biased, perhaps, in favor of the Dutch and a simplistic "socioeconomic" interpretation of wars, but nonetheless, a well-referenced summary.

The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (SSILA). The premier society for the study of American Indian linguistics.

Susquehannock. A history of the now extinct Susquehannock tribe from the extensive dickshovel.com web site.

Theodore de Bry Copper Plate Engravings. This site has dozens of images of the famed de Bry engravings depicting Native American life during the early colonial period as seen through the eyes of European settlers.


Devotional Booklets on the North American Martyrs. Features a series of brief biographies/hagiographies of several of the North American Martyrs as excerpted from the Thwaites edition of the Jesuit Relations. The saints covered include Isaac Jogues, Jean Brebeuf, Gabriel Lalemant, and Charles Garnier.

The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents. This site gives full access to the English translation of the Jesuit Relations as originally compiled and edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites in the early 20th century. Since each volume is scanned onto a single HTML document, it is considerably easier to access than the National Library of Canada site [see below]. However, it does not offer the original French text and contains typographical errors.

The Jesuit Relations and the History of New France. In association with the National Library of Canada, this site gives access to the complete Jesuit Relations on-line. The major drawback to this site is that each page must be downloaded individually as a PDF file. Thus, if you're going to use it for research, you'll need to have a ready supply of patience.

Native Religions in Newfoundland and Labrador. A list of links to Internet resources dealing with the various indigenous Native American religions. 

Peter John De Smet, S.J. (1801-1873). A wonderful site containing information, letters, books, illustrations, and other valuable data regarding the intrepid Jesuit missionary and American pioneer. The site also contains some disturbing links detailing how the modern members of the Society of Jesus are not living up to the heroic example set by their predecessors.

Page last updated: 2/16/04

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