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Synonymy of Eastern Woodland Tribal Names

Originally published in Iroquois Wars II (a similar, though abridged version appears in Iroquois Wars I), this synonymy is useful for placing historical tribal names for otherwise well-known eastern woodland tribes such as the Five Nations of the Iroquois (Mohawks, Oneidas, Cayugas, Onondagas, and Senecas), Mahicans, Abenakis, Micmacs, Ottawas, and numerous others. The names of obscure or extinct tribes are also included. Please note that the tribal names listed here are those which appear with frequency in the Jesuit Relations or other 17th century French sources. Thus, familar tribes like the Seminoles, Powhatan, Cherokee, etc. are not included. Also, identities of many of these poorly-known tribes are still a matter of scholarly debate. The citations included refer to the Thwaites edition of the Jesuit Relations, 1896-1901.

– Abenaquiois – Abnaquiois – Abnaquinois – Abnaki – Wapanachki – Wabenakies: An Algonquian-speaking tribe of New Brunswick and Maine (JR, 12:274, fn 22). Closely related to the Micmacs and perhaps the same as the Etchemins. Later allies of the French. Enemies of the Iroquois in 1647 (see JR, 31:195).
Arosaguntacook – Amirgankaniois – Eastern Abenaki tribe of the Androscoggin River
Kennebec – Akenebek – Narantsouat: Eastern Abenaki tribe of the Kennebec River
Penacook – Penagouc: Western Abenaki tribe of the Upper Merrimack River in southern New Hampshire.
Sokokis – Socokis – Socoquiois – Sokokinois – Sokouckiois – Sokoquiois – Sokoueki: A Western Abenaki tribe from the Saco River. Occasional enemies of the Mohawks and the Algonquins at Sillery (See JR, 24:311, fn 15).
A‘chawi, Nation of: unknown nation
Achirwachronnon, see Ojibwa: Achiligouan
Agniers/Agnierrhonons, see Iroquois: Mohawks
Agnongherronons, see Iroquois: Mohawks
Ahondihronons, see Neutrals: Aondinronons
Ahouenrochrhonons, see Wenros
Ahrendarrhonons, see Hurons: Nation of the Rock
Akenebek, see Abenaki: Kennebec

– Algonquains – Algonkins: Both the name of a specific tribe and also used more generally for any tribe that spoke Algonquian languages. The Algonquins proper as they were known to the French were primarily made up of the following tribal groupings:
Iroquet – also written Hiroquet, Hirocay, Iroquay, and Yroquet – Onontchataronons (in Huron) – Ountchatarounoungas – Ounountchatarounongak: the name of both the tribe and its chief (see JR, 5:289, fn 52).
Outaoukotwemiweks – Kotahoutouemi (JR, 18:258, fn 14).
Keinouche – Kinonchepiirinik: located south of Morrison’s Island
Island Nation – Nation de l’Isle – Island Algonquins – Kichesipiirini (in Algonquian) – Kichesipiiriniouek –  Ehonkehronons (in Huron). Located around Allumettes Island in the Ottawa River (see JR, 5:291, fn 57).
Matouweskarini – Mataouchkairinik: located on the Madawaska River
Petite Nation – Ouescharini – Ouaouechkairiniouek: Originally located on the northern tributaries of the Ottawa River (see JR, 5:291, fn 56).
Alimiwec, see Illinois
Amikouas – see Ojibwa: Amikwa
Amirgankaniois – see Abenaki: Arosaguntacook

, tribe of unknown affiliations; perhaps a subtribe of the Huron (cf. Ataronchronons, Arendaronons) or Neutral (cf. Ahondihronons).

, see Susquehannock
Andatahouats, see Ottawas
Aniers, see Iroquois: Mohawks
Anniengehronnons, see Iroquois: Mohawks
Aondironon, see Neutrals
Aoueatsiouaenrrhonons, see Winnebagoes
Arendarhonons, see Hurons: Nation of the Rock
Armouchiquois: A catch-all name for the New England coastal tribes.
Askicouaneronons, see Nipissings
Assistaeronnons, see Fire Nation, and Mascouten
Ataronchronnons, see Hurons:Nation of the Bog
Atchougek, see Ojibwa: Atchougek
Atiaonrek, an unknown tribe or subtribe perhaps located near the Neutrals.
Atignenongach, see Hurons: Nation of the Cord
Atiouandaronks, see Neutrals
Atiraguenrek, see Neutrals
Atirhangenrets, see Neutrals
Atiwandaronks, see Neutrals

Atontrata’ronnon: A poorly-known tribe, perhaps a subdivision of the Algonquins

Atra’kwae – Atra’kwae’ronnons – Trakwaehronnons: An unknown tribe or subtribe perhaps located near the Neutrals or Susquehannocks.

Attignaouantans, see Hurons: Nation of the Bear
Attigneenongnahac, see Hurons: Nation of the Cord
Attiguenongha, see Hurons: Nation of the Cord
Attiniatoenten, see Hurons: Nation of the Cord

Attikameks – Attikamegues – Atikamegues – Attikamagues – Poissons Blancs – Whitefish: An Algonquian-speaking tribe dwelling on the upper St. Maurice River. Closely related to the Montagnais and often at war with the Iroquois, by whom they were practically destroyed in 1661. (9:307, fn 20)

Attiwandarons, see Neutrals
Aweatsiwaenrrhonons, see Winnebagoes
Awenrehronons, see Wenros
Beaver Nation, see Ojibwa: Amikwa
Bersiamites, see Montagnais
Bissiriniens, see Nipissings

Carantouans: A poorly known tribe perhaps located between the Senecas and the Susquehannocks in northern Pennsylvania.

Cat Nation, see Eries.
Cayugas, see Iroquois: Cayugas

Chaouanaquiois: a tribe of New England whose affiliations are unknown.

Chaouanons, see Shawnee
Cheveux-Relevés, see Ottawas
Conestoga, see Susquehannocks

Conkhandeenrhonons: A poorly known Iroquoian-speaking tribe perhaps living on the northern shore of Lake Ontario (see JR, 8:302, fn 34).

Cree – Cri – Cristinaux – Kiristinon – Kilistinons: An Algonquian speaking tribe from the interior of central Canada (JR, 18:259, fn 15). See also Maskasinik.
Abitibi – Outabitibek – Outabitibecs: A West Main Cree tribe living around Lake Abitibi near Hudson Bay
Delawares – Loup: An Algonquian-speaking tribe inhabiting the Lower Hudson River, western Long Island and the entire Delaware River.

Ehonkehronons, see Algonquins: Island Nation
Enskiaeronnons, see Ojibwa: Saulteaux
Entouhonorons, see Iroquois: Seneca

Eries – Nation of the Cat – Rhiierrhonons – Riguehronons – Riquehronnons – Eriechronons – Ehriehronnons – Errieronons – Erigas: An Iroquoian-speaking tribe or confederacy originally located on the southeastern shore of Lake Erie. (see JR, 8:302, fn 34; see also JR, 21:191 & 313, fn 11).
Gentaguetehronnons – Gentagega: subdivision of the Eries
Eriniouai, see Illinois
Eskiaeronnons, see Ojibwa: Saulteaux
Eskimaux, see Montagnais: Eskimaux

Etchemin – Etechemins – Etheminqui: an Algonquian-speaking tribe, perhaps independent or a subdivision of the Abenaki or Maliseet-Passamaquoddy

Etiennontatehronnons, see Petun

Fire Nation – Assistaeronnons (in Huron) – Atsistagherronnons – A catch-all term originally referring to a group of related tribes on the Michigan Lower Peninsula, who were enemies of the Neutrals and the Ottawas (see JR, 5:279, fn 19; see also JR, 27:27). The term was later restricted to the Mascouten alone. See also Mascouten.

Fox – Outagami: An Algonquian-speaking tribe originally of the Michigan Lower Peninsula.

Gandastogué, see Susquehannock
Gens Puants, see Winnebagoes
Gentagega, see Eries
Gentaguetehronnons, see Eries
Goyogouins, see Iroquois: Cayuga
Hirocay/Hiroquet, see Algonquin: Iroquet
Hiroquois, see Iroquois

Hurons – Ochasteguis – A large, sedentary, Iroquoian-speaking confederacy located between Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe in fifteen or more villages. Contact population approximately 30-40,000 (see JR, 16:225ff.). Destroyed and dispersed by the Iroquois in 1649–1650. See entry for Wyandots.
Nation of the Bear – Attignaouantans – The most important tribe of the Huron confederacy. Principle town was called Tequeunoikuaye (also named Quieuindohian, Ossossané, or La Rochelle (French) (see JR, 5:278, fn 17; see also JR, 5:292, fn 60).
Nation of the Bog – Ataronchronnons: A tribe of the Huron confederacy.
Nation of the Cord – Attiguenongha – Atignenongach – Attigneenongnahac – Attiniatoenten: A tribe of the Huron confederacy closely aligned with the Nation of the Bear (see JR, 8:294, fn 23).
Nation of the Rock – Nation de la Roche – Arendarhonons – Ahrendarrhonons – Arendae’ronnons – Arendageronon – Renarhonons: Easternmost tribe of Hurons (see JR, 8:294, fn 24; see also 20:305, fn 1).
Nation of the Deer – Tahonta¸enrat – Tohontahenrats: A Huron tribe whose principal town was called Scanonaenrat (see JR, 8:303, fn 38).
Illinois – Eriniouai – Irini – Ilinioues – Alimiwec: A collection of Algonquian-speaking tribes originally situated along the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers (see JR, 18:259, fn 17).

Irini, see Illinois
Iroquay/Iroquets, see Algonquins

Iroquois – Irocois – Iroquoys – Hiroquois – Hyroquois – Yroquois: The name for the confederacy of five sedentary tribes ranging across central New York. For original locations, see the contact map included with this volume.
Mohawks – Agnierrhonons – Agneehronons – Agneehronnons – Agnongherronons – Anniengehronnons – Agniers – Aniers – Annieneronens – Anniehronnons – Annie‘ronnons – Annieyer’onons – Moaghs – “the people of the flint” – Maquas (Dutch): Easternmost of the Iroquois tribes. Commonly engaged in war with their French and Indian neighbors throughout the 17th century. Principle town was Ossernenon (also called Osserinon, Agnié, Oneougiouré, Asserua, and later Cahniaga or Caughnawaga) (see JR, 8:300, fn 34).
Oneidas – Oiotchronon – Onoiochronons – Oneiouchronons – Onneichronnons – Onneioutheronnons – Oneiotchronon – Oneoutchoueronon – Onneiohronnons – Oneiouts – Onneiouchtronons – Onneyouts: One of the “younger brothers” of the Iroquois confederacy located near Oneida Lake in central New York. Chief village named Ononjoté (see JR, 8:300, fn 34; see also JR, 27:275ff. and JR, 27:315, fn 23).
Onondagas – Onontaerrhonons – Onnontaes – Onontaeronons – Onnontaeronnons – Onnondaetonnons – Onnontagués – Onondáhka (in their own tongue): One of the most influential of the Iroquois nations. Originally situated in central New York between the Oneidas and Cayugas. Principal town and Iroquois capital was called Onnontagué (see JR, 8:299, fn 34).
Cayugas – Onionenhronnons – Onioenhronnons – Ouioenrhonons – Oiogeronon – Ouiogweronons – Oiogouanronnon – Oiogoen – Oiogouins – Oiogouan – Goyogouins – Oiogoenheronnons – Wiogweronons: One of the “younger brothers” of the Iroquois confederacy. Located west of the Onondagas near Cayuga Lake. (see JR, 8:298, fn 34).
Senecas – Sonontoerrhonons – Sonnontoehronnons – Santweronons – Sontouaheronnons – Entouhonorons (?) (Champlain) – Sonnontouans – Sonnontweronnons – Sonnontaehronnon – Sonontwenronnons –  Tsonnontouans – Sinnekens (Dutch): the westernmost and also the largest of the five Iroquois tribes. (see JR, 8:293, fn 21). Their major town was called Sonontoen (also called Sonnontouan, Tsonnontouan, or Tegarnhies) (see JR, 8:302, fn 35).
Island Nation/Island Algonquins, see Algonquins

Kah-kwahs: A little-known Iroquoian speaking tribe possibly located between the Senecas and the Neutrals. May have been a subdivision of the Neutrals or the Eries (see JR, 8:302, fn 34).

Kennebec, see Abenaki: Kennebec

Kepatawangachik, unknown Algonquian (?) tribe, possibly the Kipawa Algonquin

Khionontaterrhonons, see Petun
Kichesipiirini, see Algonquins: Island Nation
Kichkagoneiak, see Ottawa: Kiskakon
Kilistinons, see Cree
Kinonchepiirinik, see Algonquin: Keinouche
Kiskakons, see Ottawa: Kiskakon
Kotahoutouemi, see Algonquins
Loups, see Mahicans or Delawares
Machkoutench, see Mascouten.
Maganathicois, see Mahican

Mahicans – Maganathicois – Mahiganiouetch – Mahingan – Mahinganak – Mahinganiois – Loups – Nation of the Wolves: An Algonquian-speaking tribe or confederacy of tribes ranging from Western Massachusetts to the Hudson River. Early trading partners of the Dutch and sometime enemies of the Mohawks (see JR, 18:259, fn 18).

Malouminek, see Menominee
Maquas, see Iroquois: Mohawks
Maroumine, see Menominee

Mascouten – Mascoutins – Machkoutench – Assistaeronnons (in Huron) – Atsistagherronnons – Assista Ectaeronnons – Nation of Fire: An Algonquian-speaking tribe originally from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Maskasinik, Algonquian-speaking tribe of unknown affiliation; possibly West Main Cree.

Mataouchkairinik, see Algonquin: Matouweskarini
Men of the Raised Hair, see Ottawa

Menominees – Maroumine – Malouminek – Oumalouminek – An Algonquian-speaking tribe originally situated near Green Bay (see JR, 18:259, fn 17).

Miami – Oumami: An Algonquian-speaking tribe located at the southern end of Lake Michigan.

Micmacs – Souriquois – Sourikois – Tarretines: An Algonquin-speaking group of tribes originally situated on the Gaspe peninsula, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. Closely related to the Abenakis and often hostile to the Iroquois.

Minquas, see Susquehannocks
Michesaking, see Ojibwa: Mississauga
Mississauga, see Ojibwa
Mistasiriniens, see Montagnais: Mistassini
Moaghs, see Iroquois: Mohawks
Mohawks, see Iroquois
Mohegans/Mohicans, see Pequots

Montagnais – Montagnards: An Algonquian-speaking tribe mainly located in and around Tadoussac at the mouth of the Saguenay on the St. Lawrence River.
Bersiamites – Oumamiweks: A Montagnais subtribe located on the northern tributaries of the St. Lawrence at the mouth of the Betsiamites River (see JR, 18:257, fn 13).
Eskimaux: A subtribe north of the Gulf of St. Lawrence at the mouth of the Romaine River
Mistassini – Mistasiriniens: A subtribe living around Lake Mistassini
Papinachois: A subtribe living on the upper Betsiamites River.
Piécouagami – A subtribe living near Lake St. John
Porcupine Nation – Kakouchac: A subtribe dwelling on the banks of Lake St. John (see JR, 14: 287, fn 13; see also JR, 31:251).
Nadouessi/Nadouessioux, see Sioux
Nadwechiwec, see Sioux
Nahiganiouetch, see Mahicans
Naiz Percez, see Ojibwa: Amikwa
Naraganses, see Narragansetts
Narantsouat, see Abenaki: Kennebec

Narragansetts – Naraganses: An Algonquian-speaking tribe west of Narragansett Bay.

Nation de l’Isle, see Algonquins: Island Nation
Nation des Puans, see Winnebagoes
Nation of the Bear, see Hurons
Nation of the Bog, see Hurons
Nation of the Cat, see Eries
Nation of the Cord, see Hurons
Nation of the Rock/Nation de la Roche, see Hurons
Nation of the Sorcerers, see Nipissings
Nation of Stinkards, see Winnebagoes
Nation of Wolves, see Mahicans
Natwesix, see Sioux

Negaouichiriniouek, an Algonquian (?) tribe neighboring the Potawatomi, possibly an Ottawa clan (see JR 73:175)

Neutrals – Atiwandaronks – Atiouandaronks – Attiwandarons – Atiwendaronk: An Iroquoian-speaking confederacy of tribes originally located west of the Niagara River. Destroyed by the Iroquois during the 1650s (see JR, 8:297, fn 34; see also JR, 8:304, fn 41; JR, 21:189; and JR, 21:313, fn 11).
Aondironons – Ahondihronons – Ahondihronnons – Ondieronii: A tribe of the Neutrals located nearest the Hurons. Destroyed by the Senecas, 1648 (see JR, 18:259, fn 18).
Atiraguenrek – Atirhangenrets – A subtribe of the Neutrals located on the Bernou map of 1680 west of Lake Ontario.
Onguiarahronons – Ongmarahronons – Niagagarega(?) – the Niagara portion of the Neutrals (JR, 18:259, fn 18).
Nez Perces, see Ottawa: Amikwa
Nikikouek, see Ojibwa: Nikikouek

Nipissings – Nation of the Sorcerers – Bissiriniens – Nipicirinien – Nipissiriniens – Askicouaneronons (in Huron): Tribe originally located at the lake of the same name north of Georgian Bay. Attacked and displaced by the Iroquois in the early 1650s. (see JR, 5:279, fn 18; see also JR, 21:239ff.).

Noquet, see Ojibwa
Noukek, see Ojibwa: Noquet

Noutchihout – Tribe of uncertain identification located on the Lower Hudson; probably Minsi Delawares.

Ochasteguis, see Hurons
Oiogeronon, see Iroquois: Cayuga
Oiogouins, see Iroquois: Cayuga
Oiogouanronnon, see Iroquois: Cayuga
Oiotchronon, see Iroquois: Oneida

Achiligouan – Achirwachronnon (Huron): a subtribe between Lake Nipissing and Georgian Bay
Amikwa – Naiz Percez (Nez Perces) – Beaver tribe – Amikouas – Amiskou – Amikouek – Nation du Castor. situated on the north shore of Georgian Bay (see JR, 10:322, fn 6).
Atchougek: subtribe located west of Georgian Bay
Mississauga – Oumisagai – Michesaking – Missisaki – Aoechisaeronon (Huron) – Awechisae’ronnons: An Algonquian-speaking, southeastern Ojibwa tribe situated north of Lake Huron (see JR, 18:259, fn 16).
Nikikouek: subtribe located west of Lake Nipissing
Noquet – Noukek: subtribe located on the eastern end of Lake Superior
Ouasouarini – Ouasaouanik: subtribe located on the southeastern end of Georgian Bay
Saulteaux – Sauteurs – “People of the Great Sault” – Pagouitik –  Eskiaeronnons (Huron), Enskia¸’ronnons: a subtribe situated at Sault St. Marie.
Ondassa¸anens, unknown tribe, possibly Susquehannock or Iroquois (see JR, 73:195)

Ondatonateni, see Potawatomi
Ondataouaouats/Ondatawawak, see Ottawa
Ondieronii, see Neutrals: Aondironons
Oneidas, see Iroquois
Oneiouts/Oneiouchronons, see Iroquois: Oneidas
Oneronons, see Wenros
Ongmarahronons, see Neutrals
Onguiarahronons, see Neutrals
Onionenhronnons/Onioenhronnons, see Iroquois: Cayuga
Onneyouts, see Iroquois: Oneidas
Onnondaetonnons, see Iroquois: Onondagas
Onnontaes, see Iroquois: Onondagas
Onnontagués, see Iroquois: Onondagas
Onoiochronons, see Iroquois: Oneidas
Onontchataronons, see Algonquins: Iroquets
Onondaga, see Iroquois
Onondáhka, see Iroquois: Onondagas
Onontaerrhonons, see Iroquois: Onondagas

Ontôagannha – Ontwagannhas – Outouagannha – Touagenha – Touaghannha – Fire Nation: A catch-all name used by the Iroquois for the Algonquian-speakers to their west. See also Fire Nation, Shawnee

Ottawa – Outaouak – Outawak – Outawats – Outaouax – Outaëk – Ouraouakmikoug – Men of the Raised Hair – Cheveux-Relevés – Andatahouats (in Huron) – Ondataouaouats – Ondatawawak: A tribe originally situated between Lake         Huron and Georgian Bay, including Manitoulin Island. (see JR, 14:284, fn 9; see also JR, 33:273, fn 6). Also a catch-all term for the Upper Algonquian tribes north of Lake Huron (e.g. Nipissing, Ojibwa)
Kiskakon – Kichkagoneiak – Kiskacoueiak – Kichkankoueiak: subtribe living at Green Bay after the Huron dispersal
Nation of the Fork – Nassauakueton: subtribe of uncertain location
Ouakwiechiwek: unknown Algonquian-speaking (?) tribe of the North.

Ouaouechkairiniouek, see Algonquin: Petite Nation
Ouasaouanik, see Ojibwa: Ouasouarini
Ouendat, see Hurons
Ouescharini, see Algonquins: Petite Nation
Ouinipigou, see Winnebagoes
Ouioenrhonons, see Iroquois: Cayuga
Ouiogweronons, see Iroquois: Cayuga

Oukiskimanitouk: unknown Algonquian-speaking tribe, possibly the Kiskakon Ottawa.

Oumalouminek, see Menominee
Oumamis, see Miami
Oumamiweks, see Montagnais: Bersiamites
Oumisagai, see Ojibwa: Mississauga
Ounountchatarounongak/Ountchatarounoungas, see Algonquins: Iroquets
Oupouteouatamik, see Potawatomi
Ouraouakmikoug, see Ottawa
Ousaki, see Sauk
Outabitibek, see Cree: Abitibi
Outaëk, see Ottawa
Outagami, see Fox
Outaouak, see Ottawa
Outaoukotwemiweks, see Algonquins
Outawak/Outawats, see Ottawa
Ovenibigoutz, see Winnebagoes
Pagouitik, see Ojibwa: Saulteaux

Païsans: a unknown group, probably Algonquian

Papinachois, see Montagnais: Papinachois
Penagouc, see Abenaki: Penacook

Pequots – Mohicans – Mohegans – Mohighens – Morchigander: an Algonquian-speaking tribe from the Connecticut area.

Petite Nation, see Algonquins: Petite Nation

Petun – Tobacco Nation – Khionontaterrhonons – Tionnontates – Tionnontatehronnons – Etiennontatehronnons: An Iroquoian-speaking tribe originally situated to the west of the Hurons near Georgian Bay. Sometime allies and occasional enemies of the Hurons. Nearly annihilated by the Iroquois, 1649–1650 (see JR, 5:279, fn 18). See also Wyandots.

Piécouagami, see Montagnais: Piécouagami

Pocumtuck – Pagamptagwe: An Algonquian-speaking tribe of western Massachusetts.

Porcupine Nation, see Montagnais

Potawatomis – Pouutouatami – Oupouteouatamik – Pouteouatami – Poutewat – Ondatonateni: An Algonquian-speaking tribe originally from the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. (see JR, 18:259, fn 17; see also JR, 23:325, fn 7).

Puants, see Winnebagoes
Renarhonons, see Hurons: Nation of the Rock
Rhiierrhonons, see Eries
Riguehronons, see Eries
Santweronons, see Iroquois: Seneca

Sauk – Ousaki: An Algonquian-speaking triibe originally of the Michigan Lower Peninsula.

Saulteaux, see Ojibwa
Sauteurs, see Ojibwa
Seneca, see Iroquois

Shawnee – Chaouanons: An Algonquian-speaking tribe of the Ohio River

Sinnekens, see Iroquois: Seneca

Sioux – Nadouessi – Nadouessioux – Nadwesiou – Nadwesseronons – Nadwechiwec – Natwesix – Lakota: A catch-all term for plains tribes speaking Siouan languages.

Socokis, see Abenaki: Sokokis
Sonontoerrhonons, see Iroquois:Seneca
Sonnontouans, see Iroquois: Seneca
Sontouaheronnons, see Iroquois: Seneca
Sokokis, see Abenaki: Sokokis
Souriquois/Sourikois, see Micmacs

Susquehannocks – Andaste – Andasto¸e – Andastoeronnons – Andastaeronnons – Andastogueronnons – Andastahoueronnons – Conestoga – Gandastogué – Minquas (Dutch): An Iroquoian-speaking tribe or confederation from central and southern Pennsylvania. Allies of the Hurons and long-standing enemies of the Iroquois. (see JR, 8:301, fn 34)

Takoulguehronnons: an unknown tribe or subtribe perhaps located near the Neutrals.

– Tangouaen: an Algonquin subtribe or village, probably located just west of Georgian Bay and north of Huron country (see JR 36:247).

Tarretines, see Micmacs
Tionnontates, see Petun
Tobacco Nation, see Petun
Tohontahenrats, see Hurons: Nation of the Deer
Touagenha/Touaghannha, see Ontoagannha
Trakwaehronnons, see Atrakwae
Tsonnontouans, see Iroquois: Seneca
Wabenakies, see Abenakis
Wapanachk, see Abenakis
Wendats, see Wyandots

Wenros – Wenrôhronons – Oneronons – Ahouenrochrhonons – Awenrherhonons: A small Iroquoian-speaking tribe originally located at the eastern end of Lake Erie between the Neutrals and the Iroquois. Sometime ally of the Neutrals, later of the Hurons (JR, 8:302, fn 34).

Wiogweronons, see Iroquois: Cayuga

Winnebagoes – Gens Puants – Nation des Puans – Nation of Stinkards – Ouinipigou (in Algonquian) – Ouinipeg – Ouinipegouek – Ovenibigoutz – Aoeatsioaenronnons (Huron) – Aweatsiwaenrrhonons: A Siouan-speaking tribe inhabiting the Fox River valley and shores of Green Bay (see JR, 15:247, fn 7).

Wolves, Nation of the, see Mahican

Wyandots – Wendats: An amalgam tribe probably constituted of the remnants of the Petun and the Hurons after their dispersal by the Iroquois in 1649–1650.

Yroquet, see Algonquin: Iroquet
Yroquois, see Iroquois

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