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ALRS3Indian languages

Delaware Indian Language of 1824

C. C. Trowbridge
Edited by
James A. Rementer

In 1823, a man named Charles C. Trowbridge went to Indiana Territory to collect data about the Lenape or Delaware language. After only two and a half months, Trowbridge collected over 280 pages of handwritten information, making the first full-fledged treatment of Southern Unami, the dialect spoken by the two groups still existing in Oklahoma today. This is the dialect of Lenape that was spoken in the southern half of New Jersey, southeastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware. More...
Jesuits in Northern Ontario The Missions

Jesuit Missions
in Northern Ontario

François Maynard, S.J.

This extensive volume compiled by Fr. François Maynard, S.J., describes the history of Jesuit mission activity in the northern Great Lakes area beginning in the 1600s. The work consists mainly of documents which describe the foundation and development of Fort William and Port Arthur on the shore of Lake Superior and the work done there by the Jesuits beginning in 1661 up through 1924. particularly among the native peoples. An substantial appendix contains reproductions of relevant newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards and maps. . More...
ALRvol9 Bestseller

A Vocabulary
of Mohegan-Pequot

American Language Reprints Series, Vol. 9

Complied by J. Dyneley Prince and Frank Speck

Mohegan-Pequot was an Eastern Algonquian language originally spoken in southeastern Connecticut. It became extinct in the early 20th century. This vocabulary contains 446 words collected by J. Dyneley Prince and Frank Speck from Fidelia Fielding, a resident of Mohegan, Connecticut and the last native speaker of the dialect; with 12 additional words from the Brothertown reservation in Wisconsin. It features etymological and comparative linguistic commentary for each term. More...
PA&NY_Frontier Early Frontier

The Pennsylvania and New York Frontier
History from 1720 to the Close of the American Revolution

William Brewster

Covering a period of roughly 60 years from 1720 through the early 1780s, this volume provides invaluable information of the various conflicts and land-grabs that took place on the Pennsylvania and New York frontier during the initial period of settlement. Among the people, places and incidents covered in this volume are: the Susquehanna Indian town of Shamokin, The Great Lancaster Treaty of 1744, the Battle of Oriskany, the Wyoming Massacre, the Sullivan Expedition, and many others  More...

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