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The Languages of Classical Antiquity Series
Catalog of titles in the LCA series
ISSN: 1540-3483
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Ancient Mediterranean Europe is best known to us from Greek and Roman sources, yet the area was also inhabited by a variety of other tribes and ethnic groups. Most of these peoples left scarce record that they ever existed, but history, archaeology and philology have been able to revive the world's knowledge of these ancient cultures. We are pleased to provide, in one series, the fruits of extensive scholarly labor in these lesser-known languages. Drawing on evidence from long-buried inscriptions and papyri, as well as fragments from literary sources, the LCA series brings together unique and precious testaments to languages long since extinct.

The LCA series offers classicists and historical linguists important reprints from the last century, many of which are still regarded as the seminal treatments of these languages in English, from such notable scholars as Carl Darling Buck and R. S. Conway. Other titles in the series have been designed with non-specialists in mind and include historical and linguistic background, entries listed in an easy-to-consult alphabetical dictionary format, maps, transliteration tables, and bibliographies for further research. 

Volume 1

A Vocabulary of Etruscan
Edited by Claudio R. Salvucci

This volume contains approximately 250 words of Etruscan, a language isolate spoken in central Italy, on the western coast between the Arno and Tiber rivers. The entries are arranged in Etruscan-English and English-Etruscan sections, with a separate numerical table. It also includes 65 glosses attributed to the Etruscans, and a table of the Etruscan alphabet.

1998 ~ 45 pp. ~ Hardcover ~ ISBN: 1-889758-05-1 ~ $32.00

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Volume 2

A Vocabulary of Oscan
Edited by Claudio R. Salvucci

This volume features over 200 words of Oscan, an Italic Indo-European language spoken by the Samnites of southern Italy. The entries are organized bidirectionally: Oscan-English and English-Oscan, and proper case-forms have been reconstructed for Latin-style dictionary entries (nominative and genitive singulars). It also contains glosses attributed to the Oscans, Samnites, Campanians, and other allied peoples, and the Oscan native alphabet.

1999 ~ 41 pp. ~ Hardcover ~ ISBN: 1-889758-06-X ~ $32.00

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Volume 3

A Vocabulary of Umbrian
by Carl Darling Buck

Umbrian, an Italic Indo-European language, was spoken by the Umbrii in central Italy (modern-day Umbria). This vocabulary was extracted from Carl Darling Buck's A Grammar of Oscan and Umbrian (1904) and lists over 200 words in the language from the Iguvine Tables. Buck's Latin definitions are translated into English in two sections: Umbrian-English and English-Umbrian. The volume also contains glosses attributed to the Umbrians, and a table of the Umbrian alphabet.

2001 ~ 79 pp. ~ Hardcover ~ ISBN: 1-889758-07-8 ~ $32.00

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Volume 4

Remnants of Early Latin
Selected and Explained for the Use of Students

Frederic D. Allen

Allen's stated purpose for this 1880 students' handbook was to assemble "such of the remains of the earliest Latin--primarily inscriptions--as are most important as monuments of the language, with enough explanation to make them fairly intelligible." Remnants of Early Latin covers the earliest inscriptions and literary remains of Latin during the Republican period (ca. 100 B.C.). A short introduction (pp. 3-13) serves as a grammar of Early Latin, listing about 60 phonetic and inflexional pecularities in which it differs from standard classical Latin, with examples of old Saturnian verse. Part I follows with 150 inscriptions of varying lengths, taken from coins, cups, epitaphs, dedicatory and other inscriptions, with extensive commentaries in the footnotes. Part II collects remains from various literary sources--including old prayers from Cato's De Re Rustica and fragments of the Laws of the Twelve Tables, again with commentary. Also features an index of all early Latin words cited in the text.

2005 [1880] ~ Paperback ~ 106 pp. ~ ISBN 1-889758-71-X ~ $19.95

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Volume 5

A Grammar of Oscan and Umbrian
With a Collection of Inscriptions and a Glossary
Carl Darling Buck

Even after a century, Buck's Grammar of Oscan and Umbrian is still regarded as the authoritative English treatment of these languages, which were spoken on the Italian peninsula during the Roman Republic. Buck's introduction gives general information on  orthography and lists key similarities and differences between these two languages, with comparisons with Latin. The grammar features an extensive 80-page section on phonology, followed by an equally detailed 100 pages on grammatical inflection and syntax. A collection of the most important inscriptions in Oscan and Umbrian follows, with a separate glossary for each language. Buck's work also features photographs and illutrations of important inscriptions, as well as a map. It is an indispensable resource for the study of the Italic dialects of pre-Roman Italy.

2005 [1904] ~ Paperback ~ 360 pp. + maps and illustrations ~ ISBN 1-889758-72-8 ~ $29.95


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