An Etruscan Vocabulary

NOTE: Due to the limitations of the computer font, I have used the digraph sh to represent the Etruscan M, normally written as an accented s'.

ais, plural aisar, god.
am, to be.
an, he, she.
apa, father.
ati, mother.
avil, year.
clan, son.
eca, this.
fler, offering, sacrifice.
hinthial, ghost.
in, it.
lauchum, king.
lautun, family.
mi, mini, I, me.
mul-, to offer, dedicate.
neftsh, grandson.
puia, wife.
rasenna or rasna, Etruscan.
ruva, brother.
spur- or shpur-, city.
sren or shran, figure (in a picture).
shuthi, tomb.
tin-, day.
tular, boundaries.
tur-, to give.
zich-, to write.
zilach, a type of magistrate.

Numerals to ten:

1. thu
2. zal.
3. ci.
4. sha.
5. mach.
6. huth.
7. semph.
8. cezp.
9. nurph.
10. shar.

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