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The Imperial Palace at Constantinople and Surrounding Buildings
circa January, AD 532, immediately prior to the Nika Rebellion.

as featured in the novel, Belisarius: Glory of the Romans by Paolo A. Belzoni

ConstantinopleMap This map shows an approximation of the layout of the the buildings surrounding the Imperial Palace in Constantinople during the first five years of the reign of the emperor Justinian. The landscape would change radically in the aftermath of the Nika Rebellion in January, 532.

  1. Hagia Sophia
  2. Augustaion
  3. Hospice of Sampson
  4. Hagia Irene
  5. Shrine of the Hodegetria
  6. Chalke Gate
  7. Magnaura
  8. Pulpita
  9. Kathisma
  10. Baths of Zeuxippos
  11. Gate of the Snail
  12. Spina
  13. Gate of Death
  14. Sphendone
  15. Church of Sts. Sergius and Bacchus
  16. Palace of Hormisdas
  17. Delphax
  18. Daphne
  19. Triklinos of the Nineteen Couches
  20. Boukoleon Harbor
  21. Julian Harbor
  22. Palace of Lausus
  23. Palace of Antiochus
  24. Forum of Constantine
  25. Senate House
  26. Praetorium of the City Prefect
  27. Church of the Theotokos Chalkoprateia
  28. Milion
  29. Acropolis
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