The Mask of Ollock


Robert F. Kauffmann

"Keep thy throne and crown to thee,
For such insignia are for figureheads,
Rather than emblems of credible authority.
This mask shall mark my sovereignty.
For, power ye abdicated in favor of me
When this mask ye set upon my face.
My crowning shall be but formality,
When triumphant I enter the city gates..."

Praise for The Mask of Ollock...

"It is difficult to not think of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy while reading Mask. Both share a similar premise where an empowered object made of gold (a mask, a ring) is sought for destruction, yet those given the opportunity to do so pass up the chance for a taste of glory brought on by evil. Mask, like Rings, employs vivid detail in its narrative, and fans of the fantasy genre will find it a unique interpretation of a timeless theme."
Kathryn Lively, author of Little Flowers

"I just couldn't put down the book. This book reminded me of the tales of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony....The story does not drag at all and each character adds dynamic plot twists on every page. There is plenty of alliteration and foreshadowing to leave the reader intrigued to the end. The inclusion of maps, a glossary of people and place names and illustrations from the author himself, help readers keep abreast of this fictional historical epic....If you like action, war, adventure, revenge and conquest...then The Mask of Ollock is a must read." An Alternative Entertainment E-zine

"Possibly the most daring book I've read lately....Ollock is a fantasy adventure written entirely in the form of the epic poem. I was a little intimidated at first, remembering how long it took to plow through the Odyssey, but Kauffmann has managed to achieve a very inviting form of verse. The language is not overly complex and flows freely from the page in a richly alliterative style....A quick, fun read...."
Nth Degree: The Fiction & Fandom 'Zine

"Robert F. Kauffmann's The Mask of Ollock is a wonderful and distinctive fantasy, uniquely written in the style of the epic poem. The lengthy saga of a world torn in conflict among politicians, wizards, and demonic spirits is recounted in rhythmic verse and powerfully illustrated with stark black-and-white artwork. A superb book for fantasy enthusiasts who tire of the same old prose and long to enjoy a thrilling new experience."
The Midwest Book Review

"'A tale is told of days long gone / Of foul deeds unfolding 'fore horrified eyes,' begins Robert F. Kauffmann's fantasy in octet form, The Mask of Ollock. The titular Crown Prince, who has declared war on neighboring lands, is aided by a golden mask enchanted by his father, Olgo; Ollock seems invincible, but the wizard Kaja and his faithful servant, Limrod, vow to defy him to the end. Illus. by the author."
—Pre-Publication description in Publishers Weekly

lgo, the wizard-king of Umbra, in the hopes of extending his dynasty in perpetuity, fashions a magical golden mask for his beloved son Ollock. Unfortunately, Olgo’s fatherly eyes are blind to the arrogance and ambition that fester in his son’s heart. Such overwhelming pride wedded to the absolute power granted by the mask dooms Umbra to a nightmarish reign of terror and an unwanted war of conquest under the seemingly invulnerable tyrant Ollock. Only the brave but undermanned forces of Olgo's estranged brother, Kaja, stand between Ollock and total domination.

The Mask of Ollock is a foreboding fantasy epic written in the style of the classical epic poem, rich in alliteration and ornate language. This edition features maps, a glossary of people and place names, and 14 imaginative illustrations done by the author himself, including some taken from his award-winning animated short film based on the Ollock story.

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2002 ~ 208 pp. ~ 14 illus. ~ paperback ~ 1-889758-33-7 ~ $12.95
with 10% discount: $11.65

About the author: Robert F. Kauffmann is an author and artist living in Cinnaminson NJ. His animated films have been screened at film festivals nationwide and have won several awards. His graphic artwork has been featured in galleries in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Miami, and other cities across the country.

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Ollock & Horse

Fire Demon

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