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Books for Homeschoolers

Growing up way back in the late 20th century, I was a voracious reader of books that told stories of adventure using compelling language and strong characters. I ran through many of the classics from Twain and Scott to Tolkien and Lewis and went looking for more contemporary works that were similarly exciting and imaginative. What I discovered was that most of the similar-looking books on the shelves at bookstores were terribly second rate and worse, celebrated themes and ideas that were completely at odds with our family's values. And indeed, reading such things almost led me away from the truly important things in life--God, family, and country--and down the dark dead-end alley of relativism, narcissism, and nihilism.

The books on this page are ones that I would have loved to read as a pre-teen or teenager but were nowhere to be found in the local chain bookstores. Most contain some element of Christian morality and spirituality, and none are hostile to it. We are happy to offer them here in hopes that they may provide an alternative to parents who want their kids to read things that educate, build, and uplift rather than undermine, attack and destroy their traditional values. As such, they are excellent books for homeschoolers and other interested parents looking for supplemental reading material.
If you're like me, you'll enjoy reading them as much as your kids.

Historical Fiction
From the Trojan War era to ancient Rome to the Dark Ages--from crusader castles to frontier settlements to Federal era ships, these books run the gamut of Western history. Tale after tale of adventure brings these various historical epochs to life again with inspiring and unforgettable characters. More...
High Fantasy/Science Fiction
Fantastic realms of the imagination beckon. The expanse of space holds adventures and discoveries as numerous as the stars. The genres of fantasy and science fiction flourished (and degenerated) during the 20th century, but have their roots in the classic tales that fill the Western canon. These small press books attempt to revive the traditional mix of great imaginative literature with Christian ethics. More...
Science & Faith
Looking for ways to introduce kids to science, medicine, and the Catholic catechism in a way that's fun and interesting? These books fit the bill. More...

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