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Why These Books?

History & Science
To fail to instill in a young person a sense of where he came from, is to hand social engineers an unformed lump of clay which they can mold into their own image. To fail to give a young person the information needed to defend these beliefs is to send her unarmed into a hostile world. These books help introduce history, values, science and thought in a way that's both interesting and meaningful.

Ages 9 and up

The Story of the Philippines
God's Rampart in Asia
by Phillip Campbell
     Now, for the first time, the vibrant and eventful history of the Philippine archipelago is brought to life for students ages 8 through 18 in The Story of the Philippines: God's Rampart in Asia. Phillip Campbell, author of the The Story of Civilization series, has called upon his unique talent as a writer of history and a teller of tales to create this engaging chronicle of the diverse and intriguing peoples who inhabit the 7,000+ of islands of the Philippines.
     From the hazy early history of the ancient Philippines, to the arrival of the Spanish and Catholicism; from the battles of the Philippine Revolution and Spanish-American War, to the Japanese invasion and Independence, this book covers the entire panoply of Philippine history in Campbell's lively, informal style that is sure to appeal to young readers and their parents alike. Including 20 original and historical illustrations, The Story of The Philippines is an engaging way to introduce students to the history of this island nation whose people play an increasingly important role in present-day America and the world.

Paperback ~ 300 pp. + illus. ~ $22.95  with 10% discount, $20.66
The Story of the Philippines

Ages 14 and up

On the Deaths of the Persecutors
A Translation of De Mortibus Persecutorum by Lucius Cæcilius Firmianus Lactantius
translated by Lord Hailes
     Called the Christian Cicero by readers ancient and modern alike, Lactantius is best known for his monumental work of early Christian apologetics entitled The Divine Institutes. Though less appreciated, On the Deaths of the Persecutors is a fascinating first-hand account of Great Persecution of Christians in the 4th century AD under the Roman emperors Diocletian and Galerius, containing details of the events that are found nowhere else.
     In this unique work, Lactantius created a hybrid of history and apologetics, making an argument for the truth of the Christian religion based on the fates of those emperors who had been the most egregious persecutors of Christians. Having lived in Diocletian's imperial capital of Nicomedia and later in Gaul at the court of Constantine, Lactantius was perfectly positioned to record these momentous events. As history, On the Deaths of the Persecutors is a key source for Diocletian’s Tetrarchy, the Great Persecution, and the rise of Constantine. It is an invaluable supplement to the broader histories of the time, taking its place among the most important primary sources for this era of turmoil and transition.

Paperback ~ 128 pp. ~ $16.95  with 10% discount, $15.26
                      the Deaths of the Persecutors

Ages 14 and up

The First Crusade
The Accounts of Eye-Witnesses and Participants
by August C. Krey
     The First Crusade was one of the epoch-making events of history. It is also one of the most misunderstood in modern times despite the wealth of eye-witness records which have survived from that era. Written by churchmen and common knights, counts and princesses, these historical accounts and letters present the fervor, intrigue, despair, jubilation and ferocity of the First Crusade with the clarity, intensity and shocking honesty of its most passionate observers and participants. Originally compiled by Professor August C. Krey in the early 20th century, The First Crusade: The Accounts of Eye-Witnesses and Participants presents a continuous narrative from the Council of Clermont to the capture of Jerusalem told entirely with first-hand accounts. Together, these accounts present a highly readable and vivid history of the First Crusade and help to reintroduce modern readers to the various princes and pilgrims, battles and sieges, saints and villains, relics and holy places which were once famous throughout the world in history, literature and legend.

Paperback ~ 400 pp. ~ $19.95  with 10% discount, $17.96
The First

Ages 10 and up

Defenders of Christendom
by James Fitzhenry
From the author of El Cid, God’s Own Champion and Saint Fernando, A Kingdom for Christ, comes this engrossing and enjoyable journey to the days when men "cared less about death than about shame" and were wiling to sacrifice everything to defend their neighbor, their country and their faith from the drawn sword of Islam. Filled with amazing tales of bravery and valor rarely equalled in the annals of history, Defenders of Christendom chonicles the legendary lives of Catholic knights and heroes such as Bohemond, Janos Hunyadi, Skanderbeg, Jean de la Valette and Don Juan of Austria. Detailing the exploits of these men in an exciting yet historically accurate narrative, James Fitzhenry has created a paean to the heroes of old whose sacrifices allowed Christendom to flourish and whose names deserve to be widely remembered.

Paperback ~ 240 pp. ~ $18.95  with 5% discount, $18.00
Defenders of

Ages 10 and up

Herodotus and the Road to History
by Jeanne Bendick
     Best-selling author Jeanne Bendick takes us for another informative—and amusing—journey into places and events of long ago. Herodotus and the Road to History, written in the first person, details the investigative journeys of Herodotus—a contemporary of the Old Testament prophet Malachi—as he takes ship from Greece and voyages to the limits of his own ancient world. His persistence, amidst disbelief and ridicule, in the self-appointed task of recording his discoveries as “histories” (the Greek word meaning “inquiry”), means that today we can still follow his expeditions into the wonder and mystery of the “barbaric” north, Syria, Persia, and Egypt.
     Jeanne Bendick's lucid text, humorous illustrations and helpful maps entertain and instruct as they open the way for readers young and old to join Herodotus . . . on the road to history.

Paperback ~ 78 pp. ~ $13.95  with 5% discount, $13.25

Ages 10 and up

The Mystery of the Periodic Table
by Benjamin D. Wiker
     The Mystery of the Periodic Table leads the reader on a delightful and absorbing journey through the ages, on the trail of the elements of the Periodic Table as we know them today. Benjamin Wiker introduces the young reader to people like Von Helmont, Boyle, Stahl, Priestly, Cavendish, Lavoisier, and many others, all incredibly diverse in personality and approach, who have laid the groundwork for a search that is still unfolding to this day. The first part of Wiker's witty and solidly instructive presentation is most suitable to middle school age, while the later chapters are designed for ages 12-13 and up, with a final chapter somewhat more advanced.

Paperback ~ 78 pp. ~ $15.95  with 5% discount, $15.15
Mystery of the
                      Periodic Table

Ages 10 and up

Archimedes and the Door to Science
by Jeanne Bendick

Through text and pictures, Jeanne Bendick brings to life one of the most famous mathematicians of the ancient world. "Give me a lever long enough, and a place to stand," Archimedes famously said, "and I shall move the world." This book discusses the man's work and his discoveries against the backdrop of classical Greek culture. A truly fascinating read and one that will be enjoyed by both kids and their parents.

Paperback ~ 160 pp. ~ $13.95 with 5% discount, $13.25

Ages 10 and up

Galen and the Gateway to Medicine
by Jeanne Bendick
Galen was the greatest physician of the Roman world and along with Hippocrates is considered one of the fathers of western medicine. Born in 129 A.D., Galen's studies of physiology and botany and his profound respect for life were passed down through the Middle Ages and Renaissance. This book brings Galen and his times to life with clarity and humor.
Paperback ~ 150 pp. ~ $13.95 with 5% discount, $13.25


Ages 12 and up

Our Young Folks’ Josephus
by William Shepard
“Jump back in time to a place where historical accounts of the Hebrews are brought to life in an exciting narrative style. The history of Ancient Israel is revealed in a first-hand account from the great historian Flavius Josephus. Our Young Folks’ Josephus is a compilation of his two greatest works, Antiquities of the Jews and The Jewish Wars. You’ll marvel at the history that is played–out before your eyes. A journey that begins with the call of Abraham and ends with the destruction of Jerusalem and the fall of Massada...this is a must-have for any bookshelf.”
—Eclectic Homeschool Online

Paperback ~ 480 pp. ~ $22.95 with 5% discount, $21.80


Ages 14 and up

The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen
From AD 324 to AD 425
Translated by Edward Walford
Covering the momentous years between AD 324 and 425, the Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen is one of the most important primary histories of this period of upheaval and transition. Written in the middle of the 5th century AD by Hermias Sozomen, a lawyer in Constantinople, the work is an invaluable ancient source on the fateful reigns of emperors such as Constantine the Great, Constantius II, Julian the Apostate, Valens, Theodosius the Great, and the empress Pulcheria. He provides anecdotes about Popes like Julius I, Liberius, and Innocent I, and great saints such as Anthony of Egypt, Ambrose of Milan, and John Chrysostom. Sozomen also includes verbatim reproductions of various ancient letters and edicts which circulated among saints, heretics and emperors as they debated the momentous religious and political questions of the age.

Paperback ~ 412 pp. ~ $29.95 with 10% discount, $26.96

Ages 14 and up

The Fragmentary History of Priscus
Attila, the Huns and the Roman Empire, AD 430-476
Translated with an Introduction by John Given

Attila, king of the Huns, is a name universally known even 1,500 years after his death. His meteoric rise and legendary career of conquest left a trail of destroyed cities across the Roman Empire and left an indelible mark upon the pages of European history. Priscus was a late Roman historian who had the ill luck to be born during a time when Roman political and military fortunes had reached a nadir. An eye-witness to many of the events he records, Priscus's history is a sequence of intrigues, assassinations, betrayals, military disasters, barbarian incursions, enslaved Romans and sacked cities. Perhaps because of its gloomy subject matter, the History of Priscus was not preserved in its entirety. What remains of the work consists of scattered fragments culled from a variety of later sources. Yet, from these fragments emerge the most detailed and insightful first-hand account of the decline of the Roman Empire, and nearly all of the information about Attila’s life and exploits that has come down to us from antiquity.

Paperback ~ 252 pp. + map ~ $22.95 with 10% discount, $20.66

Ages 14 and up

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius
A History of the Church from AD 431 to AD 594
Translated by Edward Walford

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus is an intriguing though neglected work of the late 6th century AD. A continuator of Eusebius and other early Church historians, Evagrius is a first-class source for many of the controversial issues of his day, including the heresy and death of Nestorius, the Council of Ephesus, the second Council of Ephesus (the so-called “Robber Council”), and the Council of Chalcedon. Evagius incorporates a great deal of eye-witness testimony throughout his history. Born in the mid-530s AD near Antioch, Evagrius witnessed the devastation of Roman Syria by the Persians and experienced first-hand the first recorded outbreak of Bubonic Plague which swept the Mediterranean world beginning in the 540s. He knew of and conversed with many of the myriad saints and scoundrels who lived in his time and he witnessed the miracles and catastrophes that occurred with astounding regularity. He is the first to record the existence of the fabled Mandylion of Edessa—a miraculous image of Christ that some scholars have linked to the Shroud of Turin.

Paperback ~ 248 pp. ~ $21.95 with 10% discount, $19.96

Ages 14 and up

The Book of the Popes
(Liber Pontificalis)
Translated with an introduction by Louise Ropes Loomis

The Liber Pontificalis is an invaluable historical document, cataloging the names, dates and brief biographies of the first 65 Pontiffs of Rome back to St. Peter himself. This English edition, originally published in 1916, covers all the Popes up through the end of the 6th century. As such, it coincides with the rise of Christianity from the catacombs to become the preeminent faith of the Mediterranean world. It includes significant biographies of many noteworthy Popes such as St. Sylvester, St. Leo the Great, St. John I, and St. Silverius and touches upon the reigns of Roman emperors such as Constantine I and Justinian I, as well as barbarian leaders like Theodoric and Attila. The Liber is a valuable source of information on the various heresies of the early Church and the councils called to deal with them. The 2006 edition includes 14 black & white illustrations from the lives of various Popes taken from Shea's Pictoral Lives of the Saints (1887). Click here for a list of the Popes covered in the Liber.

Paperback ~ 160 pp. ~ $19.95 with 10% discount, $17.96

Ages 12 and up

The Da Vinci Hoax
by Carl Olsen and Sandra Meisel
How many of us have heard friends and acquaintances speak in glowing terms about a work of virulent anti-Catholic bigotry known as The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown? Now that this Catholic-bashing novel has been turned into a big-budget motion picture, it is imperative that people of good will stand up and combat Dan Brown's deception with the truth. The Da Vinci Hoax by Olson and Miesel is the perfect place to start. Order one copy to help educate yourself, and another for the person or people in your life who have already fallen prey to Dan Brown's scurillous attack on Christianity.

Paperback ~ 329 pp. ~ $14.95 with 5% discount, $14.20

A DVD version of The Da Vinci Hoax featuring Carl Olson, Sandra Meisel, and Fr. Mich Pacwa, SJ of EWTN is also available. This video is a devastating critique of the numerous errors and deceptions in The Da Vinci Code about Jesus, St. Mary Magdalene, early Christianity, and the Catholic Church.

DVD ~ 55 minutes ~ $15.95 with 5% discount, $15.15


Ages 14 and up

Christian Roman Empire Series
The study of the Late Roman/Early Byzantine world has been of great interest to scholars throughout the centuries. However, this fascinating historical epoch has proved obscure to many modern students as well as interested readers among the general public. To study this period in detail in English, the reader is often forced to consult a few well-known works, such as Gibbon's The Fall of the Roman Empire. Unfortunately, the works of many of Gibbon's predecessors, contemporaries and successors, as well as the primary sources used by them, are not as easy to lay hands on absent a first-class library.

The goal of the Christian Roman Empire (CRE) series is to make these hard-to-find and out-of-print resources more readily available. With a wide scope, covering the years from AD 300 to AD 700, the series will reprint English language translations of major and minor historical works from late antiquity. It will focus on works that deal directly with the military, civic, ecclesiastical, and regnal vicissitudes of the Eastern and Western halves of the Empire, but will also publish those that shed light on the various barbarian nations that surrounded the Roman state and which subsequently became its allies, invaders, and conquerors


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