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Charming the Moon

Emily C. A. Snyder

When once they were within the wood, Brangwenn blessed him and laid on him this wyrd: “Remember, Brigglekin, this gift is not for thee. Through selfishness was she lost, and if thou provest likewise selfish, she shall be lost again, and all this night's work in vain.”

About the book: Emily Snyder's mythical world of the Twelve Kingdoms, introduced in the full-length novel Niamh and the Hermit, is brought to life again in Chaming the Moon. This little tome contains a pair of short stories which elaborate upon the ancient history of the Twelve Kingdoms, hearkening back to the Perpetual Twilight when there was no Day or Night.

In the first tale, Brigglekin the Dwarf is called upon to free a beautiful girl trapped within a silver sphere. Once she is in his possession, however, he is unable to liberate this precious treasure and watches as she slowly wastes away within her protecting globe.

Östrung the Giant tells the tale of the pining young Sun who longed to be reunited with his love the Moon, enlisting the help of a kindly giant to carry him to the very western edge of the world.

About the author: A graduate of Fransiscan University of Steubenville, Emily C. A. Snyder is the author of Niamh and the Hermit and creator of the Christian Guide to Fantasy website. She teaches drama and has directed performances ranging from musicals to Shakespeare.
2005 ~ 72 pp. ~ 4 illustrations
paperback ~ ISBN: 1-889758-76-0 ~ $9.95
with 10% discount: $8.95

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