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The Early Frontier

The History of Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley

William Stone (1868)

      Beginning on a section of the North Branch of Susquehanna River about 100 miles west of New York City, the Wyoming River valley has a long and interesting history. Reprinted from an 1868 edition, this volume offers a detailed review of the history of the Wyoming Valley, beginning with about 100 pages on Susquehanna River Indian history. Special attention is paid to the 18th century when the Wyoming Valley became a battle ground for great nations and petty landholders. Wrapped around the French and Indian War and the American Revolution was the little-known Yankee-Pennamite Wars. For 30 years Native Americans, British sympathizers, and American frontier settlers battled each other for control of this picturesque valley. This lengthy and bloody fight between the Connecticut Yankees and Pennsylvania patriots, stemming from conflicting land-grants, often pitted neighbor against neighbor.
     Given the dearth of information on the Yankee-Pennamite Wars, this volume is a treasure trove of material on this long-forgotten conflict. This edition does not include the poem Gertrude of Wyoming, but it does include nearly 100 pages of footnotes on the poem drawn from first-hand information

2012 ~ 360pp. ~ hardcover ~ $44.95


The Pennsylvania and New York Frontier
History from 1720 to the Close of the Revolution

William Brewster (1954)

Covering a period of roughly 60 years from 1720 through the early 1780s, this volume provides invaluable information of the various conflicts and land-grabs that took place on the Pennsylvania and New York frontier during the initial period of settlement. In 32 chapters with footnotes, Brewster gives detailed information about a variety of events and people associated with the earliest settlement of the region.
     Among the people, places and incidents covered in this volume are: the Susquehanna Indian town of Shamokin, The Great Lancaster Treaty of 1744, the Albany Congress and Susquehanna Purchase,
Sir William Johnson, Braddock's Defeat, The Battle of Lake George, the destruction of Oswego, the Fort William Henry Massacre, the Conestoga Murders, Friedenshutten, the Fair Play Republic, the Battle of Oriskany, the Wyoming Massacre, Frances Slocum, the Cherry Valley Massacre, and Sullivan Expedition.

2011 ~ 237pp. ~ hardcover ~ $39.95

PA-NY Frontier

North Mountain Mementos
Legends and Traditions Gathered in Northern Pennsylvania

Henry W. Shoemaker (1920)

This volume contains a valuable collection of folklore collected by Henry Shoemaker in the North Mountain Country of Pennsylvania which he assembled during a number of visits there between 1902 and 1917. These stories were related to him by elderly informants, some the descendants of settlers, others who were of Indian heritage, and consist of legends and oral traditions handed down through the generations in the remote hamlets of central Pennsylvania. Among these tales are ghost stories, tales of romance, of huntsmen and animal spirits, of real people and legendary characters.
     The charming and frightening stories included in this volume are: Cornplanter at Wyoming, Skanando the Geomancer, The Simpleton, Oscaluwa, Mariele, Endermay, John Hull, Letty Logan, Hunting Feuds in the Mountains, The Beaver Meadow, The Passing of the Martens, Joe Nelson's Wolverene, Wild Life Conservation, The Panther's Path, The Pennsylvania Indian Reservation, Wildmanuli, The Lady of Pine Summit Manor, Jack O'Lanthorn, King Henry, The Eagle Rock, The Summons.

2007 ~ hardcover ~ 978-1-889037-44-8 ~ $44.95


Historical Map of Pennsylvania
With a History of Indian Treaties and Land Titles

Edited by P. W. Sheafer & Ron Wenning

The centerpiece of this book is a 38" x 25" color reproduction of the extraordinarily detailed Historical Map of Pennsylvania, originally published in 1875. Suitable for framing, this map visually explains the step-by-step, treaty-by-treaty acquisition of Indian land by settlers in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Details on the map include the Indian names of streams and villages, sites of old forts and battlefields, the successive purcahse from the Indians, the names and dates of counties and towns, and copies of Indian hieroglyphics taken from spots along the Allegheny and Susquehanna Rivers.

     In addition, the book contains 144 pages of text which helps explain the treaty process. These include the History of Land Titles from the Annual Report of the Secretary of Pennsylvania Internal Affairs of 1894; an excerpt from the Indian Wars of Pennsylvania published in 1931; The Conference at Fort Pitt, April-May 1768 and
details of the Purchase of Fort Stanwix Nov 5, 1768 originally published in the Pennsylvania Colonial Records Vol. IX of 1852; and Proceedings at a Treaty Held at Fort Stanwix In the Months of Oct. & Nov. 1768 from the Documents Relative to the State of New York, Vol. VIII, originally published in 1857.

2005 ~ 144pp + map ~ hardcover ~ 978-1-889037-37-0 ~ $44.95


Mirror of Olden Time Border Life

by J. Pritts (1849)

     This volume reprints an extremely rare and invaluable text, originally published in 1849, documenting the early settlement of Pennsylvania and northwestern Virginia. This fascinating compilation of earlier documents offers a glimpse of early settlement and border warfare in Pennsylvania, including many unusual and otherwise hard-to-find accounts of frontier life, raids, skirmishes, and Indian war.
     Many personal accounts of remarkable adventures are also included by individuals such as Col. James Smith, John M'Collough, Richard Bard, Mr. Catlin, Sam Brady, the Whetzels, Moses Van Campen, Simon Kenton, Col. Daniel Boone, Gen. Benjamin Logan, Capt. William Hubbell, Col. Thomas Marshall, Capt. James Waard, the Widow Scraggs, and many others. Also included is a long narrative on the Black Hawk War of the 1820s and a period poem entitled "Indian Parents at their Child's Grave."

2004 ~ 728pp ~ hardcover ~ 978-1-889037-36-3 ~ $49.95


Rendezvous at the Straights
Fur Trade and Military Activities at Fort de Buade and Fort Michilimackinac, 1669–1781

by Timothy J. Kent

This unique two-volume set covers the military and commercial activities centering on the frontier forts of de Baude and Michilimackinac in present day Michigan. Spanning over a century of history from 1670 to 1782, Kent includes more than fifty previously unpublished primary source documents translated from the original French. These present a fascinating and clear-eyed glimpse into the gritty lives of the French and Indians in the Great Lakes region during colonial times. Michilimackinac was the scene of much illicit activity including rampant prostitution, widespread trade in native slaves, smuggling, illegal trade in brandy, and general lawlessness.
     This handsome two volume, large-format, hardcover edition also includes over 70 maps and figures.

2004 ~ 2 Vol. Set ~ 679pp ~ hardcover ~ 978-0-9657230-4-6 ~ $91.95


The Olden Time, Volume 1

Edited by Neville B. Craig (1846)

     Originally published as a monthly magazine in 1846 –1847 and reprinted in 1876, these two volumes comprise one of the most rare and significant collections of primary source documents pertaining to the early frontier. Covering an approximate time-frame from 1740 through 1800, the items in this collection focus on the expansion, settlement, and Indian wars that took place in the territory of present-day Pennsylvania and Ohio. Together, these volumes represent a treasure trove of historically significant primary source material.
    Volume 1 contains articles about the Delawares, Shawnee, and Iroquois—their customs, wars, and displacement as well as Washington’s “Journal of his first Campaign in 1753” and “Journal of a Tour to the Ohio in 1770,” Stobo's Letters. Colonel Armstrong’s “Taking of Kittanning,” Christian Post's Two Journals of Missions to the Shawnees, Colonel Bouquet’s “Expedition Against the Ohio Indians,” Journals of George Croghan, and many others.

2003 ~ 582pp ~ hardcover ~ 978-1-889037-32-5 ~ $49.95

Vol. 1

The Olden Time, Volume 2

Edited by Neville B. Craig (1846)

    Volume 2 of The Olden Time provides yet more primary source letters, accounts,  and documents from the late colonial and early federal periods on the American frontier reprinted from this rare 19th century source.
    Volume 2 contains Ormby’s “Narratives of the Campaigns of Colonel Forbes and Bouquet,” “History of Dunmore’s War,” “History of Chief Logan’s Speech,” Lyon's
Narrative of Captivity, “Colonel Conolly's Plot and Imprisonment,” “Colonel Broadhead's Expedition,” Arthur Lee's “Journal of a Mission to the Indians in 1758,” letters upon the Iroquois, and many others. Information on the destruction of Hanna's Town, the Treaty of Fort Stanwix, and the events leading up to the Whiskey Rebellion is also included, along with correspondence from Thomas Jefferson on a variety of topics.
     This volume also contains an English translation of Precis des Faits, a French account of Washington’s Campaign against the French Indians of the Ohio.

2003 ~ 580pp ~ hardcover ~ 978-1-889037-33-2 ~ $49.95

Vol. 2

Wilderness Chronicles of Northwestern Pennsylvania

Sylvester K. Stevens and Donald H. Kent (1941)

    The wilderness of northwestern Pennsylvania was the scene of events that had great significance on the history of both the state and the nation. It was here that the legions of France buried their leaden plates, erected their forts, and staked out a claim to the continent of North America. It was also here that the red-coated agents of England resisted the French bid for empire.
     Originally published in 1941, this collection of correspondence and documents was compiled under the auspices of the WPA to correct a perceived deficiency in historical research on northwestern PA. As it is, the book represents a definitive source of primary material on the region from 1728 to 1764.  The authors of the letters contained in this volume include Beauharnois, Celoron, Duquesne, Vaudreuil, Mercer, Bouquet, Amherst, Gage, and many others.

2002 ~ 342pp ~ hardcover ~ 978-1-889037-31-8 ~ $44.95

Early History of Western Pennsylvania

I. D. Rupp (1846)

    Originally released in 1846, this volume is one of the best collections of early source material on the history of Western Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley. containing accounts of some of the first visits the region by Europeans. Rupp details the causes that led to the French & Indian War, the formation of the Ohio Land Companies, Conrad Weiser's mission to Logstown in 1748, and George Croghan's mission as Indian agent in 1750-51. Rupp follows Washington's mission against the French, the erection of Fort DuQuesne and his capitulation at Fort Necessity. From Braddock's campaign, to Forbe's expedition and Bouquet's defeat of the Indians at Bushy Run, Rupp marches the reader through Lord Dunmore's War, Mad Anthony Wayne's defeat and treaty with the Indians, to culminate with Harrison's march to Prophetstown and his decisive defeat of the Indian allies at Tippecanoe.

1995 ~ 776pp ~ hardcover ~ $49.95

Early Western Journals 1748-1765
By Conrad Weiser, 1748; George Croghan, 1750-65;
Frederick Post, 1758; and Thomas Morris, 1764

Edited by Reuben Gold Thwaites (1904)

    These four journals epitomize the history of the early frontier. Written by two Indian Agents (Weiser and Croghan), a Moravian missionary (Post), and a British army officer (Morris), the experiences recounted in these journals are as varied as their avocations. Edited by the noted historian and writer, Reuben Gold Thwaites, they recount the formative period of settlement in the Ohio territory and the competition between the French and English for control over this region and for the favors of the Indians then living there. Together, these documents represent a useful and informative collection of primary resources on the French & Indian War, Pontiac's rebellion, and Native American history and culture in general.

1998 ~ 328pp ~ hardcover ~ 978-1-889037-12-7 ~ $49.95

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