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The Missions

The Roman Rite in the Algonquian and Iroquoian Missions
From the Colonial Period to the Second Vatican Council

by Claudio R. Salvucci

     Representing the first general treatment of the "Indian Mass" of the North American Catholic missions, this volume draws on historical descriptions as well as rare missionary manuscripts and publications to trace the development of the distinctive American Indian liturgies from the early hymn singing of the mid-1600s to the adaptation of vernacular plainchant and polyphony. Weaving together extensive primary source quotations, Salvucci overturns popular misconceptions of missionaries as cultural imperialists, showing instead how native congregations and scholarly priests worked together in adapting the rich traditions of Counter-Reformation Roman Catholicism to the linguistic and cultural needs of the New World.
     This volume further compares and contrasts the Indian Masses of different missions with each other and with the official Roman Missal. It also contains chapters on the calendar and hagiography of the missions; formulas for Baptism, Matrimony, and other sacraments; the Divine Office; characteristic sacramentals and devotions; and religious life. Extensive appendices are included, such as the entire text of a Mohawk Indian Mass; propers and ordinaries for other missions including those of the Algonquins, Abenaki, and Micmac; a complete liturgical calendar; and short descriptions of the most important missions.

July 2008 ~ 160pp ~ paperback ~ 978-1-889758-89-3 ~ $44.95

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Kateri Tekakwitha: The Iroquois Saint

by Fr. Pierre Cholonec

     Three hundred and thirty-two years after her death, Kateri Tekakwitha has become recognized as a saint of the Catholic Church. Father Pierre Cholonec, one of the two main biographers of St. Kateri, wrote an account of her life shortly after her death which helped solidify her name and reputation within the Catholic world and began the process that would culminate with her canonization October of 2012 as the first American Indian saint.
     This new edition of Fr. Cholonec's famous biography, originally written in 1696, brings the courageous and endearing story of the Lily of the Mohawks out of hard-to-find academic texts and makes it accessible to students and general readers. It features antique illustrations exemplifying Kateri's life and the environment in which she lived.

2012 ~ 120pp + 3 illustrations ~ paperback ~ 978-1-935228-09-7 ~ $12.95

Kateri Tekakwitha: The Iroquois Saint

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The Annual Narrative of the Mission of the Sault
From Its Foundation Until the Year 1686

by Claude Chauchetiere, S.J. (1686)

     Chauchetiere was a French Jesuit who penned this fascinating year-by-year chronicle of the famous Native American mission which drew converts from over 20 tribes. The Sault was the home of Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, the beloved Mohawk-Algonquin woman who is a candidate for sainthood in the Catholic Church. Drawing from the writings of his fellow missionaries as well as his own personal knowledge, Chauchetiere begins with the mission's founding at La Prairie in 1667 by Catherine Gandeaktena, an Erie convert known as the Mother of the Poor.
     As Christian Iroquois fled persecution in their homeland, the mission swelled to become "the asylum of those who wished sincerely to pray to God". Yet even with "the forces of hell unchained against the mission" —unscrupulous liquor dealers, dissolute women, hostile French governors and Iroquois pagans—the Sault's Christian faith remained unshaken, and survived to become the nucleus of an authentically Native Church, throughout Canada and the northern United States.

2006 ~ 70pp ~ paperback ~ 1-889758-75-2 ~ $18.95

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Jesuit Missions in Northern Ontario

François Maynard, S.J.

This extensive volume compiled by Fr. François Maynard, S.J., describes to the history of Jesuit mission activity in the northern Great Lakes area beginning in the 1600s. The original autograph consisted of seven separately bound tomes, the first four of which have been consolidated and translated here. The work consists mainly of documents which describe the foundation and development of Fort William and Port Arthur on the shore of Lake Superior and the work done there by the Jesuits beginning in 1661 up through 1924. particularly among the native peoples. An substantial appendix contains reproductions of relevant newspaper clippings, photographs, postcards and maps.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 19
2012 ~ 324pp + 36pp appendix (incl. maps and photos)
paperback ~ 978-0-9867719-7-2 ~ $62.50
Northern Ontario

Québec Relations: 1632, 1633, 1634

Paul Le Jeune, S.J., edited by Lucien Campeau, S.J. (Transl. William Lonc, S.J.)

This volume and two subsequent ones are English translations of the Jesuit Relations written by Fr. Paul Le Jeune found in the Monumenta Novae Franciae. These three volumes are a treasure trove of information on the early colonial period in early post-contact North America. Le Jeune's poignant observations offer unique insights into the lives of both the Jesuit missionaries in New France, and the Native peoples among whom they lived and worked.
     The Relation of the year 1632 chronicles Fr. Le Jeune's arrival and details his initial impressions of the Montagnais, their appearance, way of life, frequent combats, and their torture and killing of prisoners. The Relation of 1633 covers the difficulties of the winters in New France, food and eating habits of the Montagnais, the languages of the Natives, the arrival of Champlain, his assumption of the governorship of the colony, and comments on the appearance and disposition of the Hurons. The 1634 Relation primarily concerns Le Jeune's difficult winter among the Montagnais--an account which is full of first-hand details about Montagnais life and culture during the period of intial contact with Europeans.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 14
2004 ~ 277pp + 6 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9734558-0-9 ~ $40.00

The Jesuit Mission in Acadie and Norembègue 1611-1613

Pierre Biard, S.J.
, edited by Lucien Campeau, S.J.
George Topp, S.J. and William Lonc, S.J.)

This volume brings together translations of the several documents by Fr. Pierre Biard pertaining to the Jesuit missionary activity in the Acadia and Norembègue territory from 1611 through 1613. It includes Biard's Relation of 1616 as well as six letters written to his religious superiors and two to Sieur Biencourt. Also included is a copy of the original edition of the Annuae Litterae of 1612 taken from the Institutum Historicum Societatis Iesu in Rome. This document is believed to have been written by Fr. Biard and generally summarizes his Relation without contradicting it.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 13
2003 ~ 282pp + 6 maps & illus. ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9730161-9-2 ~ $64.00

Jesuit Missions in Acadia and New France 1616-1634

dited by Lucien Campeau, S.J.
George Topp, S.J. and William Lonc, S.J.)

This volume contains English translations of documents that pertain to the first mission in Acadia, and the arrival of the first Jesuits in the basin of the St. Lawrence River on two occasions: from 1625 until they were ejected by the English in 1629, and again when they returned in 1632 after peace had been achieved. The volume presents the primary documentary sources from this period until 1634, gives a brief historical sketch, a description of the apostolic mission field, and finally evaluates the sources published in the volume.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 12
2003 ~ 272pp + 5 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9730161-4-7 ~ $40.00

The Jesuits and Early Montreal

Lucien Campeau, S.J. (Transl. William Lonc, S.J. & George Topp, S.J.)

This volume is an English translation of Lucien Campeau's Montreal, Fondation Missionaire, first published as a series of 18 articles from 1990 to 1991. It is the story of the relationship between the Jesuit Mission in New France and the attempt by a number of people to establish a native Reduction on Montreal Island. It is a story of spiritual heroism and generosity on the part of people like Jeanne Mance, Marguerite Bourgeoys, De Maisonneuve, La Dauversière, Pierre Chevrier, Madame de Bullion, the Hospitalers, the Sulpicians, the Montreal Sociey, and many otheres.  It is also a story of heart-breaking errors of judgment on the part of some key players, of struggling in an atmosphere of tension between the Iroquois and the French.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 11
2002 ~ 248pp + 3 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9687053-6-0 ~ $32.50

Jesuit Mission to the Souriquois in Acadia 1611-1613

Lucien Campeau, S.J.
William Lonc, S.J. & George Topp, S.J.)

This volume is a translation of Lucien Campeau's lengthy introduction to La Première Mission d'Acadie (1602-1616) which is volume 1 of the Monumenta Novae Franciae series. It is a useful compilation of research on the European discovery, exploration, and early settlement of the northeastern coast of North America.  Campeau's first two chapters give an overview of the discovery of the region by Verrazano, Cartier, and others. Subsequent chapters deal with origins, mode of living, and religious practices of the Souriquois tribe (otherwise known as the Mi'kmaqs). The closing chapters deal with the origin of the Jesuit missions to the Souriquois, the establishment of commerce, and the various conflicts among the early French settlers.
     This volume also includes a detailed bibliography as well as a list of the primary source documents included in Monumenta Novae Franciae, volume 1. Of the three appendixes, the third is an English translation of the Factum of Proceedings between Jean de Biencourt and Frs. Biard and Massé from 1614—a rare and valuable document detailing some of the French progress and conflicts at the short-lived Port Royal colony.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 10
2002 ~ 364pp ~ 8 illus. ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9687053-5-3 ~ $42.50

Huron Relations for 1639 to 1645

Jérôme Lalemant, S.J., edited by Lucien Campeau, S.J.
William Lonc, S.J.)

The objective of this volume is to make available an English translation of Fr. Lucien Campeau's extensively annotated edition of the Huron Relations written by Fr. Jérôme Lalemant. The invaluable data found in this volume chronicles the critical period in Huronia when the missionary effort was gaining momentum at the same time the military position of the Huron confederacy was deteriorating rapidly. These Relations contain some of the last historical information on the Hurons prior to their dissolution--their reactions to the Jesuit missionary presence, the increasing hostility of the Iroquois, fruitless attempts to make peace, and a myriad of cultural observations and anecdotes describing daily life among the Hurons.
     This volume also includes an account of the capture of Fr. Isaac Jogues and his companions by the Iroquois while on their way to Huronia. 

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 9-2
2006 ~ 446pp + 4 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9734558-4-7 ~ $62.50

Catherine Tegakouitha
Iroquois Maiden

Félix Martin, S.J., (Transl. William Lonc, S.J.)

This edition of Fr. Felix Martin's 19th century biography of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha was originally hand-written in French and discovered in the Jesuit in St. Jerome, Quebec under the title, Une Vierge Iroquoise ou Vie de Catherine Tegakouita Never published in French, it was later translated into English by by Fr. Henry Van Rensselaer. This edition has been post-translated by Fr. William Lonc to follow the original French edition more closely. A complete type-written transcription of the hand-written French edition is also included in this volume.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 7-2
2006 ~ 272pp + 2 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9734558-9-2 ~ $47.50

Catherine Tekakwitha
Lily of the Mohawks

Félix Martin, S.J., (Transl. William Lonc, S.J.)

Although this biography of Blessed Catherine Tekakwitha is not an eye-witness account, nevertheless, the author, Fr. Félix Martin, was closely associated with Catherine's village of Caughnawaga in the second half of the 19th century and is remembered for his historical writings.
     This biography of St. Kateri is the same as appears in volume 7-2 in the Misisons series (Catherine Tegakoutha: Iroquois Maiden). This edition, however, does not include the transcription fo the original French.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 7-1
2006 ~ 140pp + 2 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9739886-1-1 ~ $32.50
Lily of the Mohawks 

Catherine Tekakwitha
Her Life

Pierre Cholenec, S.J. (Transl. William Lonc, S.J.)

The earliest biography of Kateri Tekakwitha, Blessed of the Catholic Church, this work is attributed to Fr. Pierre Cholenec, Kateri's spiritual advisor. It was originally written in the late 17th century (an exact date is not known)  and chronicles the life, trials, sanctity and death of this remarkable woman, otherwise known as the Lily of the Mohawks. It also contains a record of the many miracles that are attributed to the intercession of Kateri.
     Aside from a full English translation, this volume also contains the original work in French.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 7
2002 ~ 172pp ~ 1 map ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9730161-2-3 ~ $30.00

The Donnés in Huronia

Jean Côté (1955) (Transl. George Topp, S.J. & William Lonc, S.J.)

This book is a translation of a study pertaining to the men known as donnés who participated in the Jesuit Mission to the Hurons
in the early part of the 17th century. Though the Jesuit Relations shed much light on the missionary work done by the Jesuits themselves, little attention is paid to the critical contributions of the lay donnés, the perpetual domestic servants of the Fathers. As Fathers Lalemant, Brébeuf and Garnier proclaimed, "Without the donnés we cannot undertake anything." This book attempts to give credit to the work of the donnés by consolidating information found in the Jesuit Relations and other sources from the early 1630s through 1650.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 5
2001 ~ 224pp ~ 4 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9687053-1-5 ~ $32.50

Jean de Brébeuf's Writings

René Latourelle, S.J. (1953) (Transl. William Lonc, S.J. & George Topp, S.J.)

Jean de Brébeuf is often called the Apostle to the Hurons and indeed, without his invaluable commentary on this nation on the eve of destruction, very little would be known. This volume attempts to catalog and analyze the varitey of writings of this astute observer of Huron life and culture. From the years 1630 through 1648, Brébeuf produced letters, catechisms, a dictionary, a grammar, relations, and even a Christmas carol in three languages: Latin, French and Huron. This book includes translations of several heretofore unpublished letters by Brébeuf along with spiritual notes and translations of seven Latin letters addressed to the General of the Society of Jesus. In wrapping up his study of Brébeuf's writings, the author calls him, "a mystic, a crusader, a contemplative, and a good of the greatest sons of the Society, a perfect son of Saint Ignatius."

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 2
2001 ~ 346pp + 2 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9687053-2-2 ~ $44.50

Biographical Dictionary for The Jesuit Missions
In Acadia and New France: 1602-1654

dited by Lucien Campeau, S.J.
George Topp, S.J. and William Lonc, S.J.)

      Indispensible for scholars studying the early colonial history of the Eastern Woodlands, this biographical dictionary is derived from the "Notices Biographiques" found in the first eight published volumes of Lucien Campeau's Monumenta Novae Franciae. It contains the names of people who in one way or another are associated with the French Jesuit missionary efforts in Canada in the early 17th century. Specifically, the period covered is 1602 to 1654, beginning with the mission at Port Royal in Acadia and ending with the post-Huronia period. 
     The work includes brief biographies of native Souriquois, Hurons, Montagnais, Algonquians, and Iroquois as well as French and other Europeans.

Jesuit Missions Series, Volume 1
2004 ~ 344pp ~ 4 maps ~ paperback ~ 978-0-9687053-4-6 ~ $45.00

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