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The Catholic History Five Pack — 5 books for $75

Our Family Package Deal has been so popular over the years that we decided to create two additional packages: The Saints Five Pack and The Catholic History Five Pack. With these you can get a nice selection of our books for a big discount and get discounted shipping as well.

With the Catholic History Five Pack, you will receive the following works of Catholic history:

I Am A Christian compiled by Anthony Schiavo
On the Deaths of the Persecutors by Firmianus Lactantius

The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen translated by Edward Walford
The First Crusade compiled by August C. Krey
The Story of the Philippines: God's Rampart in Asia by Phillip Campbell

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To purchase all of these books at the list price would set you back $104.75. Take advantage of this package deal and the whole set is just $75.00—a discount of nearly 30%. And shipping is only $4.00!*

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Catholic History 5 pack

paperback ~ 216 pages
List price: $14.95
I Am A Christian
Authentic Accounts of Christian Martyrdom and Persecution from the Ancient Sources
Anthony P. Schiavo, Jr., Compiler and editor

The works collected in this book represent some of the most trustworthy first-hand accounts of the triumphs and travails of the early Church that have survived antiquity. These include several authentic transcripts of Roman legal proceedings against Christians, along with obscure but fascinating historical works that are unfamiliar to even the most informed Christians of today. In several cases, readers will be presented with the actual words of the martyrs themselves. In others, they will read accounts penned by eye-witnesses or authors writing within the living memory of the events themselves.
     Taken together, these works form a glorious record of early Christian zeal and fortitude in the face of aggressive state persecution. When reading them, one notices a common refrain: when questioned, the accused would cry out: “I am a Christian,” which was the equivalent of saying, “I am guilty as charged.” In an era when such an admission carried a death sentence, these authentic testimonies provide a convincing answer to modern skeptics who will find them as baffling as did the ancient Roman emperors, proconsuls and magistrates of nearly two millennia ago.

paperback ~ 128 pages
List price: $16.95
On the Deaths of the Persecutors
A Translation of De Mortibus Persecutorum by Lucius Cæcilius Firmianus Lactantius

Lord Hailes, Translator

Called the Christian Cicero by readers ancient and modern alike, Lactantius is best known for his monumental work of early Christian apologetics entitled The Divine Institutes. Though less appreciated, On the Deaths of the Persecutors is a primary source of considerable historical import containing details about the Roman Empire of the early 4th century AD that are found nowhere else.
     In this unique work, Lactantius created a hybrid of history and apologetics, making an argument for the truth of the Christian religion based on the fates of those emperors who had been the most egregious persecutors of Christians. Based in Diocletian's imperial capital of Nicomedia and later in Gaul at the court of Constantine, Lactantius was perfectly positioned to record these momentous events. As history, On the Deaths of the Persecutors is a key source for Diocletian’s Tetrarchy, the Great Persecution, and the rise of Constantine. It is an invaluable supplement to the broader Ecclesiastical History of Eusebius Pamphilus as well as his panegyrical Life of the Blessed Emperor Constantine, taking its place among the most important primary sources for this era of transition, turmoil and consolidation.

paperback ~ 412 pages
List price: $29.95
The Ecclesiastical History of Sozomen
From AD 324 to AD 425 
Edward Walford, Translator

The fourth and fifth centuries AD were an era of intense political and spiritual turmoil in the Roman world, when ancient institutions suddenly crumbled and brilliant new edifices emerged from the rubble. A religious historian sympathetic to orthodoxy, Sozomen's focus is on the various quarrels, councils, schisms and reconciliations which roiled the Church at the time when Christians exited the catacombs and entered directly into the imperial administration. He provides exceptionally detailed descriptions of the heresy of Arius and the resulting religious controversies which followed the Council of Nicaea, including the recurring depositions and reinstatements of Saint Athanasius as bishop of Alexandria. With an obvious personal interest in monasticism, Sozomen provides some of the best contemporary accounts of the lives and deeds of famous monks from across the Roman world.
     Chronicling occurrences over the course of a century, Sozomen's History is an invaluable source on the fateful reigns of emperors such as Constantine the Great, Constantius II, Julian the Apostate, Valens, Theodosius the Great, and the empress Pulcheria. He provides anecdotes about Popes like Julius I, Liberius, and Innocent I, and great saints such as Anthony of Egypt, Ambrose of Milan, and John Chrysostom.

370 pages + maps
List price: $19.95
The First Crusade
The Accounts of Eye-Witnesses and Participants

August C. Krey, Compiler and editor

The First Crusade was one of the epoch-making events of history. It is also one of the most misunderstood in modern times despite the wealth of eye-witness records which have survived from that era. Written by churchmen and common knights, counts and princesses, these historical accounts and letters present the fervor, intrigue, despair, jubilation and ferocity of the First Crusade with the clarity, intensity and shocking honesty of its most passionate observers and participants.
     Originally compiled by Professor August C. Krey in the early 20th century, The First Crusade: The Accounts of Eye-Witnesses and Participants presents a continuous narrative from the Council of Clermont to the capture of Jerusalem told entirely with first-hand accounts. The collection includes extensive tracts from the anonymous Gesta Francorum, the Historia Hierosolymiana by Fulcher of Chartres, the history of Raymond of Aguilers, the Alexiad of Anna Comnena, and many others. Together, these accounts present a highly readable and vivid history of the First Crusade and help to reintroduce modern readers to the various princes and pilgrims, battles and sieges, saints and villains, relics and holy places which were once famous throughout the world in history, literature and legend.

300 pages + illus.
List price:$22.95
The Story of the Philippines
God's Rampart in Asia

by Phillip Campbell

For the first time, the vibrant and eventful history of the Philippine archipelago is brought to life for students ages 8 through 18 in The Story of the Philippines: God's Rampart in Asia. Phillip Campbell, author of the Story of Civilization series, has called upon his unique talent as a writer of history and a teller of tales to create this engaging chronicle of the diverse and intriguing peoples who inhabit the 7,000+ of islands of the Philippines.
     From the hazy early history of the ancient Philippines, to the arrival of the Spanish and Catholicism; from the galleon trade to the Moro Wars; from the battles of the Philippine Revolution and Spanish-American War, to the Japanese invasion and Independence; from the Marcos dictatorship to the modern-day Filipino diaspora, this book covers the entire panoply of Philippine history in Campbell's lively, informal style that is sure to appeal to young readers and their parents alike. Including 20 original and historical illustrations, The Story of The Philippines is an engaging way to introduce students to the history of this island nation whose people play an increasingly important role in present-day America and the world.

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