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The Family Package Deal — 10 books for $100

Do you have a lot of kids? Or a boatload of grandchildren? Or perhaps just one or two voracious readers in the family? Here is an opportunity to get a nice selection of our books for a big discount—over $60 off the list price—and get discounted shipping as well.

The package includes:

Latin Prayers of the Rosary Coloring Book by Robert F. Kauffmann — NEW!
Belisarius: The First Shall Be Last by Paolo Belzoni
Belisarius: Glory of the Romans by Paolo Belzoni
Belisarius: Rome the Eternal by Paolo Belzoni — NEW!
Masaru by Michael T. Cibenko
Centurion's Daughter by Justin Swanton
Angels in Iron by Nicholas Prata
Crown of the World: Knight of the Temple by Nathan Sadasivan
Three Years Behind the Guns by John B. Tisdale

Leave If You Can by Luise Rinser

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Have some of these books already? Share the doubles with other young readers in your life. They make great gifts for birthdays, confirmations, and graduations or just for enjoyable summer reading.

To purchase all of these books at the list price would set you back $168.50. Take advantage of this package deal and the whole set is just $100.00—a discount of better than 40%. And shipping is only $4.00!*

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Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price: $21.95
472 pp. + maps
Book III: Rome the Eternal

by Paolo A. Belzoni

Like the previous books, Book III is a captivating page-turner that keeps you hooked from start to finish. I especially love that Book III stays close to history, following Belisarius as his career advances through many great battles with the enemies of the Empire....This is an engaging story that puts the reader deep into the historical setting but with echoes that resound to our modern day. Whether you pick up this book for yourself or to hand to your teen, you won't be disappointed." —Maureen Wittmann, co-founder, Homeschool Connections
—Maureen Wittmann, co-founder, Homeschool Connections

In one brilliant campaign, Belisarius has crushed the Vandal kingdom and restored Africa to the Roman Empire. But the ambitious emperor Justinian has more glorious exploits planned for his audacious Master of Soldiers. The emperor can not rest until Italy and the Eternal City of Rome are restored to his empire. But it is not mere flesh and blood that oppose Belisarius in his Italian campaign.

Rome the Eternal is the third volume of the Belisarius series, continuing the tale of Justinian’s greatest general, bringing to vibrant life the often obscure Byzantine 6th century for readers of all ages.

Latin Prayers of the Rosary CB
Reading level: 4-10
paperback ~ List price: $14.95
48 pp. ~ 30 Illus.
Latin Prayers of the Rosary Coloring Book
by Robert F. Kauffmann

Exemplifying the old maxim that a picture is worth a thousand words, the Latin Prayers of the Rosary Coloring Book helps young Catholics learn and remember the principal prayers of the Rosary, both in English and in Latin, the traditional language of the Catholic Church. This unique coloring book features thirty original drawings by Catholic artist Robert Kauffmann. Its goal is to help children move beyond merely learning the words of the prayers by rote, allowing them to visualize and understand the deep spiritual and theological meaning that the words of the prayers signify.

Get your children or grandchildren started off on the right foot by introducing them to the most beloved and efficacious prayers of the Catholic Church. The Latin Prayers of the Rosary Coloring Book makes an excellent gift for the young Catholic in your life, whether for Christmas, Birthday, First Holy Communion or as part of a Catholic school or homeschooling activity.

Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price: $16.95
276 pages + map
by Michael T. Cibenko

"In a manner reminiscent of Clavell’s Shogun, Masaru transports the reader to medieval Japan with realism that delights the senses, offering up a blend of history, philosophy and adventure. Based on events little known to those in the West, Masaru artfully presents the faith with a compelling synthesis of action and dialog. Calling upon his own heritage and experiences living in Japan, the author brings to life with vivid textures the characters and settings of the tale. Timeless truths of the faith are presented with fidelity, yet in a manner that is both refreshing and provocative. This is a must-read for anyone who appreciates Japanese culture, lovers of history and philosophy, or those who simply enjoy an exceptionally well-told story."
—Jeffrey Bond, PhD, The University of Chicago
When the small church of Saint Michael in Hitoyoshi is closed, its priest Fr. Olivera arrested, and his friend Kumiko brutally attacked, Shiro knows he must take action. Along with his boyhood friend, Tomi, Shiro embarks on a mission to rescue Fr. Olivera and defend the helpless Kirishitans of southern Japan against persecution. More...

Centurion's Daughter
Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price: $17.95
336 pp. + 12 illustrations
Centurion’s Daughter
by Justin Swanton

I found Aemilia a most appealing character and the way of telling her story to be refreshingly subtle. In addition, the story seems carefully researched and the author brought this time period alive....I suppose one could call this a YA book but it held my interest the entire time, as any well-written book would regardless of intended age group. Highly recommended.
Happy Catholic Blog

This was not a book dashed off and rushed to publication but something that had been lovingly labored over....First of all, let me say, I loved it....I strongly recommend this book and would say it is appropriate for young ladies and gentleman 15 years and older and their parents of course. This would be a great Christmas gift, Confirmation gift for your Confirmandi or addition to a High School Curriculum.
—Latin Mass Network

Written and illustrated by master storyteller Justin Swanton, Centurion’s Daughter is a thoughtful and compelling journey to a little-known period of history when an empire fell and the foundations of Christendom were laid. More...

Reading level: 14 and up
paperback ~ List price: $16.95

313 pp. + map and glossary
Angels in Iron
by Nicholas C. Prata

Prata brings this fascinating tale to life by giving the characters real personalities. They are not mere pawns used to further the plot of the story. Interesting subplots abound....The overwhelming theme is courage, honor, and the Catholic faith.
—Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers

“This is a book that belongs on the bookshelf of every Catholic man, should be read by every Catholic boy, and stocked by every Catholic school library.”
—Latin Mass Magazine

A stunningly visual and gripping historical novel set on the island of Malta in 1565. La Valette, Grand Master of the Knights of St. John (Hospitallers), heroically defends "The Gates of Christendom" against the Turkish armies of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. More...

Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price: $16.95
300 pp. + maps
Book II: Glory of the Romans

by Paolo A. Belzoni

With Belisarius II, Paolo Belzoni continues to demonstrate his incomparable mastery of all the historic resources for the life of our hero, as well as an informed imagination to sustain a storyline that cannot be forgotten or much improved. I enjoyed the second volume as much as or even more than the first. Now, for number three!
—Right Rev. Constantine-Paul Michael Belisarius, Patriarchal Archimandrite of Alexandria (Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchate)

His tremendous victory over the Persians at the Battle of Daras wins Belisarius the adulation of a victory-starved empire but also the envy of his peers in Constantinople. The emperor Justinian now tasks his gifted young general with an even more difficult assignment: a campaign against the powerful Vandal kingdom in North Africa. But before Belisarius can set out on this seemingly impossible mission, he must prove his loyalty amid the ruins of a capital shattered by riot and rebellion. More...

Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price:$14.95
248 pp. + map
Book I: The First Shall Be Last

by Paolo A. Belzoni

An ambitious tale, filled with action, spectacle, and intrigues of all kinds....painstakingly authentic in its historical, military, and religious detail, assiduously researched and replete with facts.
A great new resource for those of you “reading your way through history.”...What I really like about this telling of the story is that it is not a white-washed version of the times, or of Belisarius....He is an appealing character, one the reader sympathizes with and roots for.
Favorite Resources for Catholic Homeschoolers

The greatest Roman general was also the last. Return to the chaotic days of the 6th century AD when the Christian Roman emperor Justinian and his brilliant general Belisarius made a desperate bid to reconquer the lost provinces of the empire. More...

Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price: $16.95
296 pp. + map
Crown of the World
Book I: Knight of the Temple

by Nathan Sadasivan

I’m a constant reader of both military history and historical fiction, and Knight of the Temple was one of the best historical novels I’ve read in years. The characters were well-developed, appealing, and unpredictable....The author does everything well – plotting, character, dialogue, and even landscape description.
—Cynthia Wright, homeschooling mother of nine
Knight of the Temple is written in a style of historical fiction that was prevalent in American Catholic literature several decades ago and follows in the footsteps of such Catholic classics as The Outlaws of Ravenhurst and the novels of Louis de Wohl, but with greater intensity....Knight of the Temple is a really excellent work, fraught with tension, that hooks us for part two.
Phillip D. Campbell, III, in St. Austin Review

Here is the tale of Godfrey de Montferrat, a young Templar knight who swore an oath to defend the Kingdom of Jerusalem. It is also the tale of that kingdom, which men called Outremer—The Land Beyond the Sea. More...

Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price: $13.95
156 pp.
Leave If You Can
by Luise Rinser

This amazing and poignant tale of two women in wartime Italy, and of how they were drawn graciously but inexorably, not only to faith, but to costly obedience, will remind readers of the annals of faith all down the centuries.
—Thomas Howard, author of On Being Catholic

A very good book to form people in an understanding of a vocation. And there are some powerful lines in it in that regard. People may think that one always is holy and attracted to religion, but that is often enough not the case. One can be called and have an aversion. That’s why I think the book has a lot to teach. In that respect, it is a true story.
—Sister Magdalene of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, OCD

Two young women, Angelina and Guilia, run off to join the partisans in Italy during World War II to fight the occupying Germans. When Angelina is injured in battle, she finds herself locked in a spiritual struggle just as daunting as her physical battle against the Nazis. More...

Reading level: 12 and up
paperback ~ List price: $16.95
244 pp. + 70 illustrations
Three Years Behind the Guns
The True Chronicles of a "Diddy-Box"

by John B. Tisdale

An intimate record of life aboard an American man-of-war...written with such detail, vivacity, and the knack for vivid expression that it keeps one turning pages until the last one is reached.....This book affords an entertaining and occasionally edifying, confidential account of all that one particular man-'o-war's man thought and felt and did during three years service.
—New York Times Saturday Review of Books
"Many of my friends and I have read [Three Years Behind the Guns] with the greatest interest. I can vouch for many of the facts; and the description of the Battle of Manila Bay is one of the best I have ever seen published.
Admiral George Dewey

Having run away from home to join the navy in 1895, Jack Tisdale hoped that he would be lucky enough to land a berth aboard the Olympia—a modern steel protected cruiser and flagship of the US Asiatic Squadron. He ended up getting his wish, and a lot more than he bargained for. More...

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