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The Saints Five Pack — 5 books for $50

Our Family Package Deal has been so popular over the years that we decided to create two additional packages: The Saints Five Pack and The Catholic History Five Pack. With these you can get a nice selection of our books for a big discount and get discounted shipping as well.

With the Saints Five Pack, you will receive the following biographies, all first-hand accounts written by individuals who knew the saint in life:

The Life of Saint Ambrose by Paulinus of Milan
The Life of Saint Augustine by Possidius of Calama

The Life of Saint Simeon Stylites translated by Frederick Lent
The Life of Saint Hugh of Avalon: by Gerald of Wales
Kateri Tekakwitha: The Iroquois Saint by Pierre Cholonec

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To purchase all of these books at the list price would set you back $84.75. Take advantage of this package deal and the whole set is just $50.00—a discount of better than 40%. And shipping is only $4.00!*

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paperback ~ 96 pages
List price: $16.95
The Life of Saint Ambrose
A Translation of the Vita Sancti Ambrosii by Paulinus of Milan
Sr. Mary Simplicia Kaniecka, Translator

     This biography of Ambrose was written by one of the deacons who served under him: Paulinus of Milan. Paulinus was encouraged in this biographical effort by none other than Saint Augustine of Hippo, Ambrose's most famous disciple. Written in a style similar to other works of hagiography from the same time, such as the Life of Saint Anthony by Saint Athanasius, Paulinus places Ambrose in his historical and spiritual context, drawing an enduring picture of the man and his times that has helped to cement Ambrose as one of the great holy men of the ancient Church.
     As a primary source, The Life of Saint Ambrose includes numerous first-hand accounts which were witnessed by Paulinus himself or related to him by those close to Ambrose. The important figures whose lives intersected with that of Ambrose included the Roman emperors Gratian, Theodosius the Great, and Valentinian II; the Arian empress Justina; usurpers Eugenius and Arbogast; the magister militum Stilicho, and saints like Marcellina, Simplicianus, Bassianus, Venerius, and many others.

116 pages + map
List price: $16.95
The Life of Saint Augustine
A Translation of the Sancti Augustini Vita by Possidius, Bishop of Calama

Herbert T. Weiskotten, Translator

Few figures from antiquity are as well known to us as Augustine of Hippo. Thanks to his Confessions, we know a great deal about Augustine’s life prior to his conversion to Christianity. Yet, without this little biography written by his intimate friend Possidius, bishop of Calama, we would know comparatively little about Augustine’s life after his baptism.
     In straight-forward, unadorned prose, Possidius shows Augustine as a powerful intellect, voluminous writer, and compelling orator, willing and able to defend the Church against all comers be they pagans, Donatists, Arians or Manichaeans. But he also presents an Augustine who humbly endured the everyday trials and difficulties of life as a bishop in Roman Africa. He shows a man who ate sparingly, worked tirelessly, despised gossip, shunned the temptations of the flesh, and exercised prudence and frugality in the financial stewardship of his see.
     Possidius also supplies one of the only first-hand descriptions of the great tragedy of Augustine’s life—the Vandalic conquest of Roman Africa. The Life of Saint Augustine provides a tantalizing glimpse into life in late Roman Africa—a prosperous society on the verge of destruction.

paperback ~ 172 pages
List price: $17.95
The Life of Saint Simeon Stylites
A Translation of the Syriac in Bedjan's Acta Martyrum et Sanctorum 
Rev. Frederick Lent, Translator

The Life of Saint Simeon Stylites is an intriguing primary account of the prototypical pillar saint—the first of those indefatigable holy athletes who took their stand atop a high column. Of unknown authorship, this vita was originally written in Syriac and was most likely penned shortly after Simeon’s death in AD 459.
     Typical of hagiographic literature of the time, Simeon’s biography is littered with tales of mystical events, miraculous cures, piety rewarded, depravity punished, divine and satanic interventions in the lives of men. But the vita also contains a wealth of information about monastic and penitential practices and provides dozens of vignettes chronicling daily Christian life and the many hardships faced by ordinary citizens of the late Roman Empire in the East. This volume also includes English translations of several letters purportedly written by Saint Simeon.

232 pages + 10 illus.
List price: $19.95
The Life of Saint Hugh of Avalon
Bishop of Lincoln 1186–1200, written by Gerald of Wales

Richard M. Loomis, Translator

Born about the year 1140 near Grenoble, Hugh of Avalon became a Carthusian monk at La Grande Chartreuse. In his mid-40s, he was summoned to England to help found the first Carthusian monastery in that country. His success was such that in 1186 he was elected Bishop of Lincoln. Hugh helped to make Lincoln a center of learning, rebuilding the cathedral in the new Gothic style and winning the respect of the leaders of his age, including Pope Innocent III and the kings of England, Henry II, Richard I, and John.
     Hugh gained a reputation for sanctity and mercy during his life thanks to his concern for the poor, his love for children, his hospitality, and his defense of the Jews. His kindness, wit and cheerful disposition won him a wide circle of friends, including a wild swan which guarded him while he slept. Hugh was perhaps most famous for delivering a stinging public rebuke to Richard I, which the king received with grave humility. Hugh was canonized a saint in AD 1220.
     This edition of the Vita Sancti Hugonis is the earliest biography of Hugh and contains both the original Latin and a translation in English by Richard M. Loomis. 

120 pages + 3 illus.
List price:$14.95
Kateri Tekakwitha
The Iroquois Saint

by Fr. Pierre Cholonec

Three hundred and thirty-two years after her death, Kateri Tekakwitha has become recognized as a saint of the Catholic Church. Read about her extraordinary life through the eyes of someone who actually knew her: Fr. Pierre Cholonec, one of the two main biographers of St. Kateri.
     Father Cholonec's account of Kateri's life, as presented in this book, helped solidify her name and reputation within the Catholic world and began the process that would culminate with her canonization in October of 2012.
     This new edition of Fr. Cholonec's famous biography, originally written in 1696, brings the courageous and endearing story of the Lily of the Mohawks out of hard-to-find academic texts to everyday readers, featuring antique illustrations exemplifying the saint's life and the environment in which she lived.
     Also included in this volume as an addendum to the biography of St. Kateri is Fr. Cholonec's heartwrenching and fascinating account of the Iroquois martyrs, the friends and neighbors of St. Kateri who preferred to die by torture than to give up their hard-won faith.

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