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Why These Books?

Resources for Homeschooling
For veteran homeschoolers, parents just starting out, or those still considering it, we present this selection of outstanding resources. More to come!

The Jesse Tree
A Family Guide through the Season of Advent and Philipovka
by Lynne Drozdik Wardach
      With daily Scripture readings, prayers and crafts lovingly compiled over a decade and a half, Lynne Wardach has put together an amazing spiritual and fun way for busy Catholic families to commemorate Advent and prepare for the holy feast of Christmas. The Jesse Tree draws from the rich Byzantine tradition and unfolds over the season of Philipovka or Philip's fast that begins on November 15th. This mini tour of salvation history is easily adaptable to any calendar or hectic family schedule, simply by choosing whichever of the themes you want to highlight on a particular day. With 40 themes and symbols to choose from—about twice the number of most Jesse tree guides—this book is not only a complete devotion in itself but also an excellent template for starting your own family Advent traditions right away.

Spiral Binding ~ 148 pp. ~ 8.5 x 11
with 5% discount, $22.80
The Jesse Tree

Catholic Education: Homeward Bound
A Useful Guide to Catholic Home Schooling
by Kimberly Hahn & Mary Hasson
      Two experienced home schooling moms present a very thorough, balanced and practical guide to both the merits of home education, as well as the important ideas, resources and curriculums to home school. Hahn and Hasson cover all aspects - statistics supporting home schooling's excellence, the nitty-gritty of lesson plans, and hundreds of ways to keep the fun in (and boredom out) of learning. Most importantly, they offer compelling advice and inspiration for parents as they undertake their child's religious, moral and intellectual formation. This is a reliable guide for Catholic parents who want to stay close to the heart of the church in the schooling of their children.
     The authors demonstrate that home schooling is not a fringe movement on the Church's periphery, but it is squarely based on Catholic teachings drawn from Sacred Scripture, natural law, and the writings of saints and popes. Readers will find the right combination of secular and sacred, theoretical and practical. Whether you are looking for advice and encouragement, language resources, aids for teaching multiplication or phonics - or the Ten Commandments - this book is sure to be a very functional tool.

Paperback ~ 400 pp. ~ $17.95 with 5% discount, $17.05

Designing Your Own Classical Curriculum
A Guide to Catholic Home Education
by Laura M. Berquist
"A treasure for Catholic parents. Laura Berquest offers an overview of the natural stages of intellectual development, and the way they conform to the divisions of the classical Trivium. This is not a program but a method, perfectly adaptable to the needs of every child."
— Donna Steichen, Author, Ungodly Rage

      Home educator Laura Berquist presents a modern curriculum based on the time-tested philosophy of the classical Trivium—grammar, logic and rhetoric. She has given homeschoolers a valuable tool for putting together a "liberal arts" curriculum that feeds the soul, as well as the intellect. Her approach, covering grades K-12, is detailed and practical, and it is adaptable by parents and teachers to any situation. This third revised edition includes a much expanded section for a high school curriculum, and an updated list of resources for all grades.

Paperback ~ 268 pp. ~ $17.95 with 5% discount, $17.05

The Harp and the Laurel Wreath
Poetry and Dictation for the Classical Curriculum
by Laura M. Berquist
      Convinced that a critical part of education is to foster in our children a love of the beautiful and true, teacher and writer Laura Berquist presents this wide selection of poetry for every age level from grades one to twelve. Language development is significantly enriched by exposure to good poetry. This book is an important resource because it provides in one volume many poems that concern noble actions or ideas presented in beautiful patterns of sound.
      This book contains all the poems recommended in Berquist's best-selling Designing Your Classical Curriculum. The extensive selection includes poems by Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Browning, William Shakespeare, G.K. Chesterton, William Butler Yeats, Robert Frost, and many others. There are three indices to help locate specific poems. This book also includes dictation selections that are useful tools in the development of the child's writing ability, as well as study questions and answers for each poem..

Paperback ~ 492 pp. ~ $21.95 with 5% discount, $20.85

For the Love of Literature
Teaching Core Subjects with Literature
by Maureen Wittmann
     For the Love of Literature makes a convincing case that you can teach practically every subject on the curriculum using good literature. The book begins with some useful introductory insights on how to use your local library, how to build your home library, and how to design a literature study unit. It also provides a basic introduction to classical education and the Charlotte Mason method.
     The bulk of the book, however, is made up of a literary guide broken down by subject. Areas covered include art and music, math, history, and science. The history section alone covers over 100 pages and is replete with hundreds of excellent suggestions. A kid who worked their way through all of the books listed would have a better grasp of history than 99% of adults. Of course, this list is not intended to be followed from start to finish. The strength of the book is that it can be used as a handy reference that a parent can dip into as needed.
     Imagine--rather than teaching the Elizabethan period by a dry recitation of facts and dates, you start your child off reading, Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal; or you begin a study of the crusades by having the child read an exciting tale like The Blue Gonfalon.
     Simply put, if you're a homeschooling parent, this book is a must-have--a gem.

Paperback ~ 254 pp. ~ $12.95 with 5% discount, $12.30

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